Roush Pre-SC Mods?

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by sal07b, Mar 19, 2004.

  1. OK, I have officially finished the "look pretty" mods (paint, new stripes, interior trim, billet essentials, etc), it is time to start looking into the go-fast mods. This has to be a gradual build up, as my fun money account is not overflowing. Here is what I came up with:

    Phase I:
    Driveline - Have to replace the clutch, so I just bought an aluminum flywheel to go with the Valeo King Cobra Clutch (OK clutch?). Also going to add 3.73's to the RE.
    Suspension - Going to add Caster/Camber adjusters. Any suggestions on brand? Was thinking Hotchkis. Already added the AGX 4 way adjustable struts/8 way adjustable shocks. Going to SCCA the car a bit. They have local events about once a month. Attended a meet and it looks like fun!
    Motor - Thinking of adding the underdrive pulleys and a cooler thermostat. Already did the ram air (makes a huge difference at speed, check my post). Was looking at headers, but read some things that said this is a waste of time with a stock motor (don't need increased flow). May do an H or X pipe, and high flow cats (emissions required in Phoenix).

    Phase II:
    Brakes - Possible conversion to Cobra 13" in front with cross drilled rotors
    Suspension - Frame rail connectors, possible aftermarket rear upper/lower control arms
    Motor - PI head's with valve job, 75MM TB, 75MM MAF, headers, programmable chip (need programmable for the eventual SC, thinking tweecer)

    Phase III:
    Motor - Kenny Bell Blowzilla. I like this kit, but it is expensive. Prefer the "roots" type of SC. Not to mention, this kit doesn't need an inter/after cooler. Don't need to relocate the battery to the already space limited trunk! Then let them come at me and I'll walk em' :spot:

    Can anyone think of anything that I've missed? I already have the Pro 5.0 (installed when I first bought it). Also, anyone with any suggestions on pre SC bolt-ons that give good power?

  2. Hey Sal, Good luck with the project. Looks as if you have a lot of great ideas already.

    I like the Maximum Motorsports C/C plates. They are like $199 and I have had a few different brands. Likes these the most. X-pipe, pullies, and thermo. All good inexpensive mods. You could skip the headers, but if you do the blower? well....
    If you have the cash go with a Baer or Brembo brake kit up front ( as long as your wheels will accomodate) The Cobra set up will also do nicely (and cheaper) Cross drilled rotors look sick, but truley overrated. You can get nearly the same performance with a nice set of big slotted rotors. They cool almost as well and dont tend to warp or crack as easily as the cross-drilled ones.
    I dream of the KB roots blower for my 89 Saleen also, but will probably go with the Vortech or Novi for cost reasons. You can make a lot more boost with a centrifical.
    Decisions....... decisions......