Predictions On My Numbers?

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  1. My car is currently at the shop and should be getting put on the dyno tomorrow. What numbers do you think I will be putting down?
    1999 mustang gt
    4.6 stroked to 4.75
    Stock 2v heads and cams
    2.1 KB with 12psi
    60lb injectors
    Tr6 plugs
    KB cold air intake
    75mm tb
    90mm Maf
    Stock manifolds w/ x pipe and flow master 44s
  2. 400rwhp/410rwtq
  3. 395Hp/405Tq. Stock cams paired with the stock manifolds are really going to hold the engines ability to breathe back. Should see a nice Tq curve though.
  4. These prior estimates seem to be right in the ballpark. 390 to 425 rwhp and same range for torque. You're going to love how it screams and charges out of the hole.
  5. I'll be finding out on Monday. Going to put different inlet and tb, long tubes, and meth injection on it this winter. But for now I'll have fun with it
  6. 450rwhp......I made 425rwhp on 10-11psi with an eaton on a stock long block
  7. Easily 440-450.
  8. Talked to my tuner today and I have some good and bad news. Bad news is I'm only making 5psi, hoping its just the bypass not closing all of the way. Good news is at 5 psi it put down 365whp and 390tq
  9. he did not find the problem and fix it while the car was there?
  10. Well she is done! Since the motor is stroked it only made 9psi on the 12lb pulley. Final numbers for now is 400hp 421tq.
  11. I'll post it tomorrow when I go get it
  12. BTW, 7 more cubic inches is not going to drop boost by 3lbs......
  13. I agree. But it should drop it a little bit. And depending on his geographical location and weather, it could be hot enough that it's not seeing all of it either. Could also explain the slightly lower than expected numbers. My car will lose 2ish pounds of boost, and every bit of 50 rwhp, in 90 degree weather vs. 50 degree weather, and if his location is like mine right now, it's HOT as crap.

    OP, I guess I'll I just wait until I see the graph, but there's plenty of things that could cause the numbers to be less than expected. Hot weather, for one. A stingy dyno (the dyno I go to normally reads 5ish % lower than others in the area). An overly-safe tune (super rich AFR or lower spark timing numbers). A heat-soaked blower (this is a BIG one for positive displacement blowers; I've seen an 03 Cobra go from 480 to 450 on back-to-back pulls because the 2nd pull was so heat soaked). Lots of things, really. The best measure of how much power it's making is to see what it traps in the 1/4 mile, weigh the car, and record the density altitude at the time of the track run. THAT is the only true measure of how much power the car is making.
  14. Its a conservative tune and it is almost 100 degrees here and very humid