Preference For Pulling Motor

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  1. Im getting ready to pull the motor and I would like to leave the tranny ( t-3650) in place. I have pulled both as a unit in the past and also have dropped the trans first but this time I would like to leave the trans in place.
  2. I think installing it would a bigger pain than it's worth. Trying to line up an input shaft into the clutch would be problematic.

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  3. what's the actual question here?
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  4. I personally always pull just the engine, and leave the transmission in place. It's enough fun just getting the engine out, without adding the extra complication of a long transmission on the end of the engine. Sometimes I even pull the transmission first. While the engine is out, I might as well check the transmission, and at least check/adjust the end play.
  5. The actual question is "preference for pulling motor" all the other replies seemed to be able to figure that out.
  6. well my "preference for pulling motor" is a deisel
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  7. I like pulling the trans and motor as a whole unit....Makes it a lot easier than laying on my back and trying to stab the thing!
  8. I've pulled my motor without the trans and left it in place. I just left a jack under the transmission so it didn't move from the place where it separated from the block. Made installing the motor a lot easier. Also, I'm sure you already know, but pulling the radiator and everything gives in front of the motor gives you ungodly amounts of room. Haha.
  9. I always preferred the dual Allison aircraft V-12 setups

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  10. Random vague thread comment fishing for attention...
  11. Seriously though, if you have a way to get the car up high enough, unbolt the k member and tranny cross member and leave it all on the ground and and just raise the car up.