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  1. Hey man, last time you said your neighbor was six figure ninja, now you're saying he's a seven figure?

    No one at Ford is encouraging the dealers to sell at live auction. In fact, the current line is no info is available at this time. The EFC from Daryl Hazel last year was recently re-sent out to the field to try to calm the dealer body. Of course the sales consulant will be the last to know, but the people giving out this information are at Ford, as of right now, we have nothing new for the dealers and public.
  2. I went to a large Ford dealer last summer and put money down, I was told if they produced enough I would be contacted to come in and select my options. They said this was basicly what they did with the GT's, they also said they had problems getting some of the GT's after they were ordered, but hoped they would be better this time. Will I get called I doubt it, I was told there were about 30 people in front of me. If I don't get called I'll take my deposit and leave, I know what I want and it is this car, not an Explorer or Focus. I'd love it if they left the production numbers low but I have my doubts, if this car is entered into higher production I don't care I'll still buy one, they took a great looking car and made it hotter, Shelby's name is just the cherry on top.

  3. i have a hard time believing that they are encouragaing live auctions either. why would ford be saying that their prime goal with this vehicle is affordable performance, then turn around and tell the dealers to go ahead with auctions, when they know what would happen due to the hype surrounding it's realease? there may be some demographic areas that the brains-to-bling ratio is low enough to have this event be blown out of proportion, but with the production numbers that are being tossed around, it can't have a wide sweeping effect, in my opinion.
  4. 1.Im not a sales man at the dealership
    2.Ford normaly announces details about a release to the dealership before releasing it to the public
    and last , how can your dealership in california SELL the damn thing when there is not even an order guide available for the gt500?
    Also, I have seen GT500 since August driving around in Flatrock are, doesnt mean you can buy them , does it???
    I can presell cars to, but whats good about it when they cant DELIVER ???

  5. RISINGFORCE---call the phone number in previous post for RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA FORD...They will tell you that they are receiving " 5 " SHELBY GT500's....They already SOLD the VEHICLES to some of there BETTER CUSTOMERS at $55,000.00 EACH!!!!! You can get on a list just incase they receive MORE THAN " 5 " VEHICLES....The first " 5 " are GONE!!!!!! Nothing hard to understand about that!!!!
  6. I think whats hard for YOU to understand is the fact Ford hasnt announced any MSRP, release date or even information on GT500.:bang: They also have not announced to ANY dealership HOW MANY they are getting and thats FACT.
    There is a difference between SELLING a car or have people pre-order one.
    Youre tryin to tell us that you know more than us, but all youre relyin on is a dealership tellin you theyve sold 5 GT500's.
    We have had over 100 people asking about GT500 at our dealership, but instead of sellin the vehicle to them, we urge them to wait till we have more INFORMATION.
    I guess in the end, We will be in the dark not knowing anything about the GT500 while you and your 8-digit income friend drive around in your shiny GT500's :shrug:
  7. RisingForce---It may be sad to say, but I won't be purchasing a Shelby GT500at even the $45,000.00 MSRP!!!! Too many made, and not exclusive like the SHELBY'S of the sixties.....As for my neighbor, he will only drive it, if it has a Manufactures plate from DETROIT on it!!!:cheers:
  8. Here is a little bit of news I ran accross that I think maybe exposing some of the production plans for the GT500.

    I think this and other info coming from Ford press confrences detailing there plans in general for there future. They keep stessing there plans to give people what they want. You can also find Ford praising the GT500 and its incredable consumer responce. To me when I read between the the lines I am seeing Ford killing the adrenalin and the GT40 to get there production capacity up as high as possable to try and meet the demand the Shelby is going to clearly have. What do you guys think?:shrug:
  9. :mad: I tell you what I am writng some serious hate mail. How are you going to make a production mustang:bs: that nobody can buy. I went to Ford and they told me that they dont know how many they are getting, they are all reserved they are going to the highest bidder and they have a flippin premium that makes the M5 blush..You know what that a bunch of [email protected] :nonono: You know its understandable if you make a GT40 that the average person cant afford but not a mustang after all its. Sure Carroll Shelby is my hero but its rediculous that Ford is raping his name. Yes you heard me right that all they are doing.:mad:

    You know what I can probably afford the dam thing I have connection to buy one without the premium through a freind but I am boycotting that car just cuz of the principle of it.....:flag:

    enough of that I cant wait to smoke one..:nice: maybe not since nobody is going to drive a 70,000 dollar Mustang:bs:
  10. >>> :lol: Yes, Ford is making some serious mistakes about production and marketing of the Shelby GT500

    its NOT!! :eek: yah better look again,

    Sorry dude, but you are badly misinformed. Carol Shelby and his crew are parctically running the whole show here. You need to do some reading before you spew that crap - Carol Shelby has had a veto over nearly the either program up till now. This car is his baby and the major casualty here has been the SVT Team (which was the best thing that ever happened to FoMoCo imo) :nice:
    But now Ford has gutted SVT in favor of Mr. Shelby here.

    That might have been worthwhile if we'd landed a car that was produced in the numbers needed to keep the car on the Dealer's lots and keep the price down,. Alas, we are now stuck with a low production Collectors Car and the real Ford enthusiasts who are gets screwed here. :bang: again!

    you and 50,000 other guys brother!
  11. I thought low production was like 93 COBRA R --103 units....2000 COBRA R -- 300 units....2007 SHELBY GT500 -- 7000 to 10,000 units LOW PRODUCTION???? WOW, I need a job at FORD MOTOR CO. A MUSTANG GT with BIG MOTOR, SHELBY NAME and CUSTOM SEATS?????
  12. Raping his name? If anybody is raping his name, it is good old Caroll Shelby himself. He has lent his name out more times than I can remember and on some real crap too.

    They will drive a $70K Saleen, so why wouldn't they drive a $70K GT500.

    Why are you so frigging upset about something you wouldn't even buy anyway. There will be more than enough to go around, you just have to wait until all the people who must have one at any price are done with thier purchase.
  13. Road and Track has full story article on the new Shelby, that concludes the article with the coment that Ford is in hopes of finding 10,000 buyers a year.
    Its not much more than the 7000 I keep hereing about but its got to help. They were not specific on how many verts vs hardtops but that would be great if it were 10,000 each. :nice:

  14. I haven't posted on this forum for quite some time, but I couldn't help myself given the topic at hand.

    Given Ford's troubles, this "strategy" is likely to backfire. People looking at this car WANT what they WANT and if they don't get it, they'll just wait or more likely than not go elsewhere. No way someone is going to go into the showroom looking for a GT500 and then say, "well, if I can't get the GT500 I wanted I'm going to buy an Expedition or maybe a [enter any other Ford vehicle name here]". Maybe a handful might turn to a standard GT for the affordability and modability, but that's about it. The GT500 looks nice, has the historicall nostalgia working for it, and sure it should have a high level of power and performance, but it all means squat if you can't readily get one. :shrug:

    Funny enough, I remeber reading somewhere when they first approved production of the GT500 that they were planning to produce "as many as are demanded" and that they were not going to artificially restrict production. I wish I could find that article now, but I'm still looking.

    IMHO Ford is trying to rekindle/relive the glory days with a single vehicle (the Mustang) without being in the financial and business model position to do so, no different than GM with the GTO, Corvette, and some of their upcoming vehicles. Daimler Chrysler was the only one that was more proactive at changing with the market and making desireable vehicles with style and performance that the average person can afford.

    So much for Ford and GM milking their SUVs for profits for so long that they are now crowding their lots, while having to make massive layoffs to try and cope and shift business strategies. :nonono:

    I've always been a big Mustang fan and have owned several over the years, but given what I've just mentioned, I'm sure some of you can probably understand why I now drive an AWD Subaru STi. Power, excellent overall performance, handling, reliability, four doors, a decent interior and a great daily driver. The styling might be a bit over the top for some (certain colors bringing it out more than others), but it's well worth living with for what you get for your money (low to mid 30's), not to mention some great mod potential if that's what you're into! :D
  15. How many $70K Saleens do you see driving around in your area? I'm in South Florida too one of the Mustang Capitals of the country and I rarely see them around here.

    For that matter, I don't see a lot of the new regular Mustangs on the road down here for as popular as they are suppose to be. I mean I see them on the road, but not in the number I would be led to believe they are selling.

    Ford has NO CHANCE of selling 10,000 or even 7,000 GT500s at that price. There are a lot of people that like the GT500, but not at that price point. Too many cars out there you can buy for that kind of cash (and much less)! :lol:
  16. You're missing the point.

    Most people who go to a Ford dealership to look at a GT-500 (or a Ford GT) have no intention of ever buying one. They are called "Halo Vehicles" Their purpose is to create interest and excitement for the brand which helps to sell other vehicles.

    The GT is clearly a halo car.

    The GT-500 is sor of an everyman's halo car, that is a lot of people actually can afford one. If Ford builds 10,000 of the a year there will be plenty of GT-500s to go around. The maket is just not that big for $40K somewhat impractical cars like the GT-500.
  17. And a big thank you for being somebody that understands! :nice:
  18. I hate when forums timeout! I'm not about to retype everything I just replied, but the jist of it was I can understand the halo car concept which has more of an effect at an autoshow than at the showroom level, but mainstream car manufacturers are better served by building long term brand loyalty from the bottom/middle up using the individual merits of individual model and an overall corporate image to bring it all together a la Toyota, Honda, and Subaru.

    Bottomline, the GT500 should be a "reward" for brand loyalists and Mustang enthusiasts, not a low-end "exotic" to be forever out of reach of most that want it. :nice:
  19. BTW...I know of few people that go to a dealer to look at cars they have no intention of buying, except for maybe someone looking to get a "joy ride" testdrive. Fortunately for the future owners of those vehicles, most of those "uber" / "elite" vehicles are not allowed to be test driven unless the interested party can show they are genuinely interested and able to buy.:rolleyes:

    That's what autoshows are for! :nice: