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  1. I'm looking into buying a new 2007 V6 Mustang. Whats the difference between the premium and the deluxe models? The premium is usually 2-4k more expensive and I was wondering whats so different. I've seen deluxes for like 20-21k and premiums for about 23-24k. Is the deluxe the standard model or is that even cheaper?
  2. The deluxe is now the standard model. If you buy the basic car (with no options) the difference between the Premium and the Deluxe is the stereo, a minor change on the wheels and the seats.
    The deluxe comes with an AM/FM single CD and the Premium comes with a Shaker 500 (AM/FM 6CD +MP3 and 8 speakers).
    The Premium has chrome spinners on the wheels
    The Premium has a 6-way power driver's seat.

    The real difference is adding options. The deluxe is very limited in the options you can add.
    The premium has 7 interior color/color combinations vice 3 for the deluxe.
    The premium has the option of leather faced seats, comfort group, heated seats, shaker 1000 stereo, and two 17" wheel options. You must have a premium model to add the Pony package.

    This is my car a 2007 Premium V6 (or at least how it used to look for a brief period of time)

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  4. What ever you buy just make sure it has ABS brakes. My deluxe does not have them and believe me I wish they did. :)
  5. I know it varies on dealerships, but how much money have you gotten knocked down on the sticker price? Has anyone bought any premiums for 21-22k? I'm thinking about getting a grabber orange 07, are they more expensive?
  6. I have a Deluxe, and it sure does have a Shaker 500, and a 6 way power seat. It also has the interior upgrade package. The only thing I noticed different was leather, which I did not want.
  7. My 06 GT deluxe has ABS. Maybe just the 6 banger cars don't? You can go to and do the "build you car" there and it lists all the std and options available.
  8. All GT's come with ABS

    It should be mandatory on all cars. Bill Ford said "Every life saved is worth it." :shrug:
  9. If you want Leather AND the Shaker 500, get the Premium because you save quite a bit of money.

    If you just want the shaker 500 or just the regular radio and not the leather, get the Deluxe.
  10. Could you upgrade from the regular radio to the Shaker 500 head unit in the future if your car has the standard one now? Or does the Shaker have extra wires that plug into it that the standard does not have?
  11. I paid in that range for my car (I ordered it fully equipped) but the dealer is a bit out in the sticks:

    Vista Blue
    Light Graphite interior
    Leather trimmed bucket seats (6 way power)
    Shaker 500 (don't want 75lbs of speakers in my trunk)
    5-speed manual
    Interior upgrade package (charcoal aluminum panel)
    Rear decklid spoiler
    Tape stripe delete
    Wheel locks
    Front side airbags
    Comfort group (heated seats & auto dimming mirror with compass)
    Premium wheels (stayed with 16 inch as they have been removed)
    Anti-lock brakes
  12. I doubt very seriously that you can upgrade radios in the future because of wiring. But, check Ford's aftermarket prices. You wouldn't want to anyway. I just got my wife a 2007 Mercury Mariner. It has a single CD. We traded in a 2005 Escape limited which had the audophile sound system, 6 disc changer, satellite radio, etc. My dealer agreed to swap the radios. Fine. We signed the contract. I made an appointment for the swap. After an hour, the service guy brings me the Escape radio and a bunch of wires plus the Mariner radio and shows me how they do not interchange and explains that changing the wiring isn't possible My salesman tells me he will give me a 6-disc radio when he gets one on the lot that will fit. We are going to take all vehicles that arrive apart and check????? Sure, we are. I checked Ford's prices for a new 6-disc changer that would work (non audophile.) I was promised dealer cost. That is $500. Yes, you read right, $500. I am putting in an aftermarket. Better sound, more features, less money.
    Check Ford's website for exact make up of the different levels.
    And get what you want from the factory. Adding afterwards is often difficult, impossible or cost prohibitive.
    My wife also wanted a message center for her Mariner. The factory price for the option which also includes lighted vanity mirrors and automatic head lights is less than $500. It can't even be added because the wiring is not there.
    Adding later on often isn't realistic.
  13. FWIW I know there are better aftermarket audio systems but the Shaker 500 exceeds my expectations and requirements. It also saves me the trouble of tearing apart a brand new dash.
  14. And ppl wonder why cars cost so much, IMO they shoud create similar wiring harnesses and such items so they can use more multi parts in them. :)
  15. I agree. Standarization would reduce costs. It would also enable people to make upgrades to their vehicles. And $500 dealer cost for a am/fm radio with a 6 disc CD changer. Come on. The aftermarket blows the dealer out of the market.
    Ford and other dealers could make money after the sale and create happier owners if more accessories were available, easier to install and at a reasonable cost. I also tried to put in an overhead console, no wiring, into my wife's vehicle. Dealer cost was $42 but it required a different headline. Dealer cost for that? $500!!! Give me a break.
    Somebody at Ford needs to be doing some better thinking.
  16. The only reason I really want the Shaker 500 head unit is because of the 6 disc capability and I like the look of stock head units compared to aftermarket. If I could find a decently priced one with a 6 disc that looked similar to stock, I'd get that. Thing is, I haven't been able to find one.

    I also bought my car used or I would have gotten the Shaker 500 audio system.
  17. All manufacturers sell their accessories for more than aftermarket. Just the nature of the beast. If they did sell them cheaper then they could at least be in the $ ball park with the aftermarket, but still would not be up to par with the aftermarket units at the same cost. At least Ford still gives us options after the sale to upgrade our stereo systems, some cars and makes can't even change speakers without totaly gutting the stereo system and/or interfering with other electronic systems in the car.
    Thanks to Ford's 0/72 deal, I didn't mind getting/paying for the Shaker 1000. With $0 in intrest on the system I feel it was well worth it. The only plans I have is to upgrade all the speakers(the system is decent, but factory speakers can always be improved on) and Dynomat portions of the car for better sound.
  18. My local car stereo dealer said 6 disc aftermarket stereos are generally not available for a couple of reasons. 1. They generally are not reliable, according to my dealer. He said the nature of the best is that there will be problems. 2. 6 CDs is not that big a deal anymore. The same money will give you a stereo that can control an ipod which can hold up to 20,000 songs and even cover the cost of an ipod. I now have an Alpine with ipod controls and an ipod in my car. My entire CD collection has been imported onto my ipod and it remains unseen in my console. My Alpine has all controls for the ipod. It also has satellite radio built in. It only plays one CD at a time, but with the ipod who cares? A stereo that can control and ipod and is satellite capable can be purchased for about $200. Satellite tuner is about $100 including antenna. An ipod can be purchased for $250 (30 GB vidoe.) That's little more than dealer cost for Ford's 6 disc changer.
  19. My 6 disc changer is overkill. A single 650MB CD-R/RW can hold approx 11.5 hours of music using 128 kbps compression MP3 (roughly the same quality as the Itunes songs according to Maximum PC). The same sized disc can hold approx 4.6 hours of music using 320 kbps compression MP3 (much higher quality audio than standard Itunes m4p). Multiply that by 6, and that's the capacity of the standard Shaker 500/1000. Factor in a factory installed subwoofer system and a nice clean OEM-look, you should realize that the Shaker 500 is a fantastic deal. There's already an AUX-IN jack in the center console for your iPod, so it is a win-win situation.

    I thought about buying an iPod, but $250 for 30GB is pricey and overkill for me. I don't have enough good songs to fill up 30GB. I can probably get close by throwing in every song I own but I'd be using the FF key quite often. Portable MP3 technology has been around for the past 10+ years. It only caught on recently due to the iPod and better miniaturized technology (compact HDs, etc...)
  20. Does the deluxe/regular radio come with Ipod hookup or do you have to get the premium/shaker 500 to get it?
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