Prepurchasing Questions For 2016 Or Later Mustang Gt

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  1. So, I have always thought highly of the early model Mustangs but I never fell in love with the late models until the 2016 model was released. I cannot take my mind off of buying one. I started doing some research about the proc and cons, and the likes and dislikes, and the first 10 mods to get when buying a Mustang GT. So here is what info I have accumulated to this point:

    1. Buy the Mustang GT Premuum with the wheel and performance packages
    2. Buy Track suspension package ???
    3. Buy springs to eliminate body roll and wheel gap
    4. Buy new tires
    5. Tint windows
    6. Buy after market exhaust system

    Here are my worries:
    1. Is the body gap/alignment really that bad?
    2. Does the paint get chipped that easily?
    3. Does the motor leak oil easily? why?

    Please let me know what you think about this information. I think I'm purchasing around May 2018.

    Thank You
  3. In May of 2018 you'll be dealing with a slightly different model than the S550's we have now.
  4. I have the 2017 Race Red Performance Package.
    The paint chips easy ( too easy), and in my case I had paint defects that im dealing with Ford now.

    The Performance Package vs the base GT are two different animals. I drove the base GT for about 2 weeks and got the PP. The PP has 373 gears and larger brakes among other things.....worth it.

    Personally after my experience I wouldn't buy one if I did it again (flame on). I had rocks chips in the first 800 miles, the paint is thin.

    Yes the paint still looks great but chips are annoying and cheap quality.

    One downside is you pay close to 38k and drive off the lot and its worth 29k, but its your money and call.

    I would look after a clean low mileage 2016 and inspect the paint throughly to ensure it is a quality one.

    Lastly these are just my opinions from my experience. But buying a PP over a base GT comes with better everything, tires, springs, chassis stiffeners.
  5. To be fair about the depreciation. There aren't many cars/trucks that don't do the exact samething.
  6. True, my point was a low mileage used one would be a better buy since he was looking at specifically the 2016 (2015-2017 models).

    No use paying a premium when the 2018 are coming out.
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  7. I do agree with you!
  8. I have paint chips everywhere. Makes me very sad. My 2005 had less chips after 7 years and 110k miles.