price check on granada disc stuff

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  1. Hey could somebody give me a price list on all the parts need to do the swap? I'm looking at just getting a set of spindles and going from there or buying a complete rebuilt setup and just adding lines and tierods.

    Spindles say 150$
    ???? what else is needed if bought new from say autozone?
  2. Calipers, bearings, rotors, hoses and adapter bushings to connect the steel lines to the hoses.

    And wheels with large enough center holes for the bigger hub on the Granada rotors. Or you can have a machine shop trim 1/8" off the outer diameter of the hub.
  3. what does all of that cost new though?
  4. I can't remember. It's been a long time since I did my conversion. Call Autozone and see what their prices are.

    BTW I probably paid about 30 bucks for my Granada spindles 16 or so years back when the self-serve wreckers around here had Granadas all over the place......
  5. Bought everything at Napa with just a few small items at Pep Boys.

    Granada Rotors - $112/pair

    Granada Calipers - Loaded w/pads & Hardware - $64/pair

    Granada Outer Tie Rod Ends - $28/pair
    (Baer Trackers make a nice performance upgrade, but are pricey)

    Granada Inner & Outer Wheel Bearings - $25/pair

    Granada Wheel Seals - $4/pair

    Granada Rubber Brake Line Hoses - $60/pair
    (Hmmm, I'd personally like to upgrade to stainless steel eventually)

    Throw in a few extra bucks for brass fittings and 3/16" brake line

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  6. I offer the complete set at for $495 plus S&H. New high strength spindles and caliper bracket, new dust shields and flanges, a new OEM type combo/proportioning valve, calipers and pads, slotted rotors, and all the small parts. Forum members are offered a discount of $50, just ask for it.
  7. Good list, little to add: proportioning valve $40, dual resovoir master cylinder $50. I went with rear disc too so the MC was $80(Mustangs Plus). Checkers/Kragen has calipers for $16 a piece with a $1 core charge. Its worth buying and eating the $1 than finding used cores. Spindles, depends on who is selling them, I paid $100 for the pair at a junk yard, if you go this route the backing plate comes with it. Some ebay people separate them.
  8. Wow, good information. What is the rotor size on this set-up? What are the "limits" of these brakes?
  9. Considering 2bav8 and historicmustang both road race/ autocross with them I think they will handle just about anything a street car can come up with. I just need more stopping force for the 1/4. My drums are ok for the street but I'm running out of room at the shorter 1/4 mile tracks.

    Thats just what I needed. Add all that up and your around 450ish with spindles. There are a few rebuilt sets on ebay right now for around the 300 shipped mark and I'm going to look into those. Thanks for the help.

    If this was about 400 shipped then I would go this route for all new parts.
  10. all the granada setups use 11" rotors, they will be just fine for what you want to use them for. they are very comparable to a 70-73 mustang disc brake system, except the rotors mount a little differently.
  11. granada3rq.jpg

    Well this is what I ended up with off of ebay tonight.

    It was 249.32 shipped. I'm thinking I can turn the discs, reuse the calipers, valve and then get new bearings, seals, hoses, pads, and a new duel MC.

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  12. Opentracker uses Granada discs and he drives them hard. Safety first.
  13. wow man, for that price plus the cost of replacement parts you need to get not even taking into account whether the rotors are in spec and can even be turned to begin with and if the calipers are re-usable or not, it sure seems to me like the setup "degins" is making and posted about is a much better deal for 495 bucks. by the time you buy the pads, hoses, bearings and seals you'll be into the set you got on ebay to within 75 bucks or less from degins kit, plus you get slotted rotors with his kit and everything you already won and all the stuff you plan on getting, except the master cylinder.

    my car already has discs but if i needed to do a brake swap i would seriously be getting one of his kits.

    not trying to flame you or anything and i'm in no way affiliated with degins, in fact i'm not a big fan of granada swaps due to the caliper design, but if i or someone i know was wanting to do a granda swap i would be using his kit, the only way i wouldn't use his kit would be if i could get a complete granada for less than his kit and needed more than just the brakes, like if i was converting a six banger car to a v8 and needed the 5 lug brakes and 8" rearend.

    here is what you'd get with his kit

    P/N SWAP-1 COMPLETE FRONT DISC BRAKE SWAP KIT $495.00 A complete front drum to disc brake swap for 65-73 Mustang, Falcon, Cougar, Torino and other Fords. The set includes the spindle set desribed above plus new slotted rotors, refurb calipers and pads, hoses, bearing and seals, small parts, and a OEM Ford style proportioning valve

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  14. I'll be close to 75 bucks from his kit plus another 70ish for shipping. This setup just recently came off a working car if the guy is trustworthy and by his feedback it looks like he is. If that the case I'll take the rotors to a buddy of mine that works on brakes and have them checked out. load the calipers and buy hoses and bearings and be on my way for what 380 shipped. to me it looks like I saved 145$.

    Your right though if I had 500 bucks or so going with degins would be the way to go as its all new parts for a good price.
  15. Ida bought those from ebay. looks like they just came off the car. No rust on the rotors. Shouldn't be too much wrong with them.
  16. I agree, that is if you can find a nice set of spindles with good shields and spindle pin and rotors. I have bought a lot of Granada spindles in the last three years and I can attest that, not only are they becoming hard to find, the condition of the remaining supply is getting very bad. I seldom find a set that doesn't have a problem like a bad caliper bracket, or rusted out shield, or pitted or spun pin. In the long run it is cheaper for me to have the parts made than to mess with the pieces of grease I encounter from salvage yards. The same goes for the used OEM combo valves. Don't get me started talking about sand blasting.

    I will work closely with forum members who buy the set in order to make sure everything works out.
  17. This thread inspired me to research the cost of parts through BlottoZone and a local brake supplier(great prices) since I have Granada brakes waiting to go on my car. Here is what I found:

    Wheel bearings: $40/all four
    Rotors: $60/pair
    74 Maverick MC: $35 w/ core
    Rebuilt calipers: $30/pair
    Front pads: $15
    Bearing seals: $6/pair
    Tie rod ends: $18/pair

    Thats just over $200 not including the spindles, plates, and original calipers, all of which I got for free.
  18. ive got some

    ive got a complete swap for the granada setup, including the spindles, rotors, calipers, SS lines, bearings, and ive got a dual MC if you are interested. use the prices to make me a decent offer. selling these and other of my mustang parts is a priority. i have almost any part you an want so if you still need some other parts just PM me. thanks.

  19. Like I said before the complete kit that degins is selling looks like an awesome kit for a good price. If the stuff I bought off of ebay comes in looking good then I'm happy with my purchase.