Price for orig.68 Shelby GT 500 Mustang?

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  1. Hey guys, A friend is selling his super sweet orig. 68 Shelby GT 500 Mustang 428 V8, with just 29k miles, Auto Trans, Rare A/C includes orig. paperwork & build sheet. Can anyone offer a realistic price range? Thanks much for any imput!
  2. This car could be worth some serious money but words like "super sweet" are highlg subjective. Has the car been judged by the MCA? Without pictures and actual inspection by an Mustang authority, anything offered here can be ONLY a guess.

    I'd suspect $40K to $70K. With the investor market presently deflated, now may not be the time to sell. The car might deserve national or possibly world-wide exposure and lots of patience to extract top money.
  3. Shelby Value

    SD's Price range is pretty good. It really depends on the originality, options, and correctness of the car. Three years ago I brokered a 7400 mile 1968 GT-500 conv. with auto, A/C in great original condition for $55K.

    Is this car in the registry? I'm a SAAC regional rep, if you need any help. My club's website:
  4. there are a lot of variables to the description of the car... what is sweet to one person is rough to another... colors seem to play a big factor in the 68 cars.. original red cars command a premium of close to 10k, while the lime green metalic can be priced 10k or more below the average.... so there can be close to a 20k spread, just in the paint area... options play a factor, and body condition are also very important,, (has the car had rust repairs and such),

    the Shelby market is a little flat right now,,, but primarily for average cars.. the very original NOS restored and survivor condition cars seem to be getting some top dollars... I know of a 68 GT500 KR conv which is a NOS restored car with a 125k price tag on it...

    my suggestion is to put some feelers out, but he will need pix.. undercarriage, suspension, and everything else...

    for a driver condition car,, you would be hard pressed to find many cars under 40k,,

    I'm not a dealer, but a fanatic, if he wants to email me some pix, I can give him/you a better ball park figure...
  5. Here, Try the Shelby Resource..

    On the front page is a link to recent prices but they don't list condition.

    If the car is really 'sweet' with the build sheets, 29K miles etc. It's worth the money to have it appraised & then sell it at an auction. Last year would have been a good time to sell a 67/68. The prices for those years really spiked for a while after "Gone in 60 Seconds" had come out. Why don't you post some pics?
  6. Understand the difference between the VALUE of the car and the SELLING PRICE. Simple economic principles apply, as always. :D
  7. RGS0907

    I think the prices on that Geocities would better reflect the market if they included dates of the sale... I suspect that some of those listed are from years prior.. A "fair condition 68 GT350" is worth well more than $18,500, and a "excellent" 68 GT350 is selling for more than $22,500. Most of the 500 cars are listed in the mid 30 range... last year at Barrett Jackson,, they were pushing into the 50's,,


    here's another link to recent sales
  8. And so it is with "book" VALUES which have little actual impact in determining the PRICE a sale occurs. For example, we recently bought a nice used Taurus that was "on sale" at "under book" at a local Ford dealer. :lol: BUT, since I am a vet and a college graduate, further concessions were made to "sweeten the deal". Knowing the Taurus market well, I then made an offer beneath their "blow out" price. They reluctantly accepted, claiming that I had almost stolen the car from them. Boo Hoo!

    The fact is the dealer still made money otherwise I'd still not have this Taurus. Since I know the market and the cars, I actually ENJOY this process. Many people don't and that's fine.

    Collector cars are a category unto themselves and the market is dictated by more factors than the Taurus market. The Barret-Jackson is only one of several nmajor auctions but then that source alone determines nothing. The collector car market is the epitome of "free enterprize" and only those who understand that should venture into it.
  10. Thanks very much for your imput guys!
    Its a Gold metalic color that has been repainted. Near flawless interior with just some minor restitching needed on the arm rest/console...He also does not have the orig. A/C any longer. But it is a real registered Shelby. I think just 178 remain...
    I would post pictures...(If I knew how?)
    Thanks again guys & enjoy the weekend!
  11. He has decided on a price of $53,500