Mach 1 Price good or bad?

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  1. Do you think for an 03 azure blue mach with 15k miles 18k is a deal or wait and keep looking if he wont go down? plus i have to ship it which is another 600. It's stock everything except o/r x pipe,flowmaster catback, and Also a jlt cai.
  2. It sounds like a good deal to me.
  3. Once again, good deal. Buy it.
  4. so what i found is an 03 with 22k miles 4.10 gears, magnaflow exhaust, udp, bullits with 10.5 315 on back, tinted windows, and that's bout it. Oh he also painted the stripes silver. The warranty just expired but i'm extending it till 2009 in aug. So i'm getting the warranty and car for 16.8k:shrug: i'd say from what i've been seeing it's a great deal.:nice:


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  5. Your warranty won't matter if you destroy your engine with those underdrive pulleys on there. Your first order of business should be to get them off! I just read a thread of another Mach owner blowing his engine up because he had pulleys on it. Their bad news for Mach engines. I would'nt risk it having them on there.
  6. i like how we talk about the same stuff on 2 different threads haha i made this and then figured the other one would get more traffic lol. Are they hard to take off or can i take them off at an autozone or something if i fly up there and decide to drive it back. Also what would cause udp to blow up an engine.
  7. Regarding the underdrive pulleys. The oil pump gear is driven off the crankshaft, and the use of an underdrive pulley has caused this gear, hence the oil pump to fail on numerous vehicles.

    Just for an FYI, the Mach 1 comes from the factory with one underdrive pulley installed, and that's on the alternator. Installing crankshaft and water pump UDP's really doesn't help performance, and can lead to the aforementioned engine failure.
  8. so if i get them removed they'll be fine if nothings already happened? I'm not looking at like 3 months after they're removed a lasting effect of them causing something am i?
  9. I can't say with any authority one way or the other. As I understand it though, the oil pump failure is sudden and catastrophic, not something that happens gradually over time, it just breaks!

    With that in mind, I would say that if nothing bad has happened yet, and you get them taken off, you should be okay. The other option I've heard of is to replace the stock oil pump and gear with billet steel ones that can hold up to the stress. That would allow you to leave the pulleys alone, but I bet it would be rather expensive.
  10. so the guys gonna replace the udp with the stock ones so all is good now :nice: :)
  11. That's really cool :) . I'd hate to see your experience of one kick ass car ruined.
  12. me to that'd suck.
  13. So did you get the car?
  14. He got it. He's posted pics over at Mach 1 Registry also.
  15. I found stock 03 with under 4500 miles for 20k about 6months ago.
  16. yeah i got it and i posted the pics on if you wana see it.
  17. That doesnt seem like a bad price i bought mine for 18,000 bone stock with 34,XXX miles, id buy it the car is amazing you will love it

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