price i should ask?(2.3t drivetrain)

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  1. i have the 2.3t/ecu/t5(1st/2nd grind). the person that wants to buy it is actually the guy i got the '88 TC off of so he knows how it feels to drive the car. i think i remember the TC odometer saying something like 130k miles. it didnt smoke or anything. it just sits under a tarp in my back yard because i cant find the right 2.3 notch for me but the guy wanting it has a ranger so he's asking how much i want. i really dont know what i can get it for, he bought the whole car for $300(bent axle and rough car) and i ended up trading a car for his +$300... now he wants to get rid of that car and drive the ranger but with the turbo 2.3. any ideas?
  2. any ideas?
  3. I gave 50 bucks for the one i have. I got have somebody wanting to buy it for 600. But im tradeing it all for a complete 5 lug swap.