Price of 2010 Stang

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by xxrequiemxx, Sep 25, 2008.

  1. So, I've been debating in my head if I want to sell my stang off and get the new 2010 (assuming, the engine info is somewhat correct). That being said, what % markup do you think we will see on these when they are first released?
  2. With luck the economy will sink and dealers will have to mark down!
  3. I would LOVE that!
  4. idk about a markup but dealers will probably be stubborn about going below MSRP for a little while after they're released
  5. maybe ford will do something like how dodge did where you could trade your truck in for a brand new one. i forget what determined how much you got for your old one.
    the one thing that sounds appealing to me is the engine.

    ford needs to release something with some cubes. with the vettes with the 428s in them, we need some 390-427-428-429-460 action.
  6. If the economy sinks, something tells me the last thing in the world most of us would be doing is buying a new Mustang.
    Just hanging onto what we have would probably be difficult enough. Let's hope our lame politicians can get us out of this mess.
  7. As long as I can sweet talk my dealer into giving me X-plan like I did on the Shelby GT I almost bought, I'll be happy!
  8. I really want a new V8 convertible cruiser machine. I am waiting to see what the '10s look like.

    As it stands for now I am leaning towards the Challenger R/T convertible. Nice large back seat and it looks bad ass. Although the interior is a little...ho-hum. But I must have my modern retro muscle topless cruise machine! M.R.M.T.C.M (wait that doesn't spell anything--BLAST!)
  9. Your right about that. Construction is down so bad we have nothing new on the horizon at the moment. :shrug:
  10. challengers dont come convertible.
  11. It's my understanding they have one in the works.
  12. Chrysler has already said there will be no vert Challenger. It would take too much extra bracing and make the already fat LX platform even fatter.