Price of the 2005 GT?

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  1. How much is the 2005 GT going to cost?
  2. I stand corrected, in fact I recently read that the 2005 gt might be in the 26,900 ballpark. The carsdirect site merely lists some interesting info on the 05. Nicely loaded w/500 w shaker, interior upgrade hopefully under 30k.

  3. I don't think the gt will start at 27000. Maybe 27000 nicely loaded, but not starting. Ford said they hoped to keep it the same price as the 04's, so I think that it will start at 24-25k
  4. though i heard it would be adjusted for inflation, but i truly hope youre right. :) what do think the gt deluxe might run $$$ vs the gt premium???
  5. That can't be right.. brand new car, essentially from the ground up... the price will NOT go down. They spent too much on R&D... this platform will be around for decades, body for 4-5 years, interior for more maybe. They need to recoop R&D costs. Ford won't turn a profit on the Mustang for at least 2-3 years. No way in hell the price will be less than it is now. I wish that weren't the case, but – hey! – we're in a capitalist society here.
  6. back to the ole gt under 20k threads... :shrug:
  7. My best guess is $26k nicely equiped.... :shrug:

    I will keep my 03 cobra until I see the 06 cobra for sale... even then, it will be hard to trade her in... I love her and she makes me happy :spot:
  8. 27ish, it's not out yet, how many threads of this are we gonna have?
  9. It think it is around 25,000

    On a lot of websites they said they might raise the price though
  10. Pricing

    Anyone have any updates on pricing or do I have to wait until the 24th when the order banks open? :bang: