price on cobra

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 93pusstang, Dec 6, 2003.

  1. found a 97 cobra, he wants $11,700 for it. he said he changed over the intake (whatever the hell that means) and its in real real good shape, lowered 1.5", aftermarket cobra fiberglass hood and flows. but the cd player has some busted buttons and doesnt look too healty (mach 460). is this worth the price? i think they blue book it at 10 something for trade in a 13 something for book price. let me kno what the experts think :D
  2. How many miles?
  3. Try and get it for 11k
  4. books for 13,020
  5. i wanna get him down to 10k
  6. You can have this car for $16,900. Guaranteed its in better shape...

  7. Sounds like a good deal to me :shrug:

  8. actually i like the 97, its dark green and real nice
  9. by any chance does this cobra your talking about have a cobra R hood and a steeda wing with custom machined end pieces?