Mach 1 Price Quote

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  1. Bottom End + Power Adder : Price Quote

    I inquired about having some work done and I figured I would come to the people who would know better than anyone if i'm getting ripped off and where to get a good deal.

    This is the quote I got back from my inquiry:

    "Looking at what we have done on past Mach 1’s, we would do a built bottom end, good rod & piston combination, balance the rotating assembly. Assemble with good head gaskets with a head stud kit. Use a Kenne Bell supercharger, unit is intercooled, way more efficient and cooler operating than the turbos.

    The package rough estimate would be in the range of $19,000.00 to $22,000.00 parts, labor, tuning, etc etc (complete turn key)"

    I said I was looking into possibly doing a twin turbo setup, but I didn't have my heart set on it. I also said that I had looked at Kenne Bell. The motor is essentially stock but i've seen people post that getting the parts for the bottom end can be around 3k, a kenne bell is 6-7k and I have a hard time believing that labor is gonna cost 10k.
  2. If that is the quote they gave you, you need to find a new shop or at least get them to write down and be very specific with what they are putting in your car and what you expect from them. “good rods and pistons” isn’t saying much, are you using your original block what compression, forged? Shop around for parts so you get an idea of what they cost and then get a price quote from them for the parts alone. As a general rule parts and labor should run about the same price, however a 6k supercharger shouldn’t cost 6k to install, use your head and get everything in writing otherwise your 19k job might turn into a 30k job!