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  1. This is called bad business, Ford should be taking orders to build as many GT500's as possible, they don't get a dime of the market value prices, so why not satisfy the demand? Should Ford car about the exclusity of their cars for collectable reasons? NO, they should be concerned about making money and getting and retaining its customers. Here is a guy (pbfoot) who wanted this car but got a magnum instead, another lost customer.
  2. Okay let's be realistic. Cobra/Shelby/SVO have always been limited production. This is nothing new. As for losing another customer. That just means another person that wanted it more. Will get the car. Personally I hope most people will decide not to buy. Then there is a better chance that I will get one.
  3. All right- just my 2 or maybe 3 cents-

    1. The car that sold at auction for 600,000- all proceeds went to the Shelby foundation so it was a tax write off- not to mention the person who won this car is associated with Shelby himself so you can also consider it a publicity stunt-

    2. I remember a day when FOrd GTs were going for 250,000 at the dealer, now they are trying to get MSRP for them at many dealerships-

    3. Original Shelby GT500s went up in value after 30 years- In 1977 a 67 Shelby GT500 wasnt worth &$%%

    4. If you think you can buy a new GT500 and it will appreciate in value in the first 10-15 years your wrong-

    These cars, like every new car will depreciate in value- maybe not a lot, but there will be some-

    why, because in 5 years Ford will announce the new GT500 or the new greatest Mustang, and then everyone will want that one, which will hurt the value on these cars-

    Of course in 35-40 years, there is a good chance they will be worth alot of money- I wont argue with that-

    and they are really nice cars- I wont argue with that-

    But unless you are buying an Enzo, new car and short term investment should not be put together for any new car-

    They are great cars, and in a year when they are selling them for MSRP- which they will be, I might consider selling my 66 fastback soI can park a new GT500 in my garage next to my old one....still thinking about it-
  4. I totally agree with you. Also just to add my .02 , if you buy one now for $50.000 and hope it will have some value in 30 years, it may be worth around $100.000 by then, BUT 30 years from now 100.000 is not gonna be THAT much money... so overall those who buy the shelby should just buy it to ENJOY it, not as an investment!
  5. Left Lane News is reporting that GT-500 production for model year 2007 has been increased from 7,500 to 9,000.

    Supposedly Ford is taking steps to discourage dealer markups. One of the rumored steps is that Ford will not allow GT-500s to be brokered. Supposedly any dealer who sells a GT will be required to be certified and to sell only to the final customers. I don't have a clue as to how Ford or its dealers will be able to tell whether the customer is a middleman or the real customer.

    I suspect that a lot of this GT-500 markup frenzy is being driven by speculators who are looking to make a quick buck buying then reselling GT-500s. This sort of activity will eventually cause the prices of GT-500s to crash.

    Given the price and specifications of the GT-500 there is no way in the world that the maket for GT-500s is more than about 10,000 / year. Look at the sales of past SVT Cobra models, Ford never sold all that many of them.
  6. You are correct, cars are horrible investments.

    You can count on inflation to be at least 3% / year on average. That means in 30 years $50,000 today will be worth only $20,000.

    So, you can buy a GT-500, keep it for 30 years sealed in a nitrogen filled garage and hope it's worth $100,000 in the year 2037, which will be only $40,000 in 2007 dollars. From that $40K you will have to subtract the cost keeping your GT-500 in pristine condition for 30 years leaving with you with a net value of $ZERO, give or take $10,000.

    Insteaed you can take your $50,000 and put it in CDs @ 4% and end up with $166,000 30 years from now - that will be worth $68K in today's dollars.

    Even better, you could put your $50,000 in a S&P 500 stock index fund which will probably return 9% over 30 years giving you an incredible $736,000 - ( $294,000 in today' dollars.)

    Bottom line, if you're making an investment, buy stocks or real estate, don't put any money in a car and think that you've made an investment that will make you a profit.
  7. You are all very correct about investing in cars. Does anyone remember the corvette ZR1? I know the dealer where a guy bought one for nearly double the MSRP. Then took a $30k hit trying to resell it. All because he couldn't really afford the car. It will happen to anyone who thinks these cars are going to be resold for a quick buck.
  8. I think many of you are missing the big picture.

    MSRP is as much fiction on this car as it is on a Focus. No one would knowingly pay Sticker on a Focus, just like the ultimate owners of the first batch of GT500's will willingly pay over sticker. MSRP means nothing. This like any other car is worth only what someone is willing to pay for it. If it's worth $75k to someone, then they will surely get one. I mean really, if you've got a couple mil in the bank what's an extra $30k? People pay more per year to belong to country clubs - it's not a factor to buyers with that kind of money.

    If you're like most people you might need to wait a year for the market to un-hype. I think this is where most of the frustration stems from. Hey, welcome to capitalism.

    I don't understand why someone would draw the line at MSRP. It makes no sense to think like that. If the MSRP is $45k, that means you are willing to pay $45k. If the MSRP is set to $55k, then you are, by definition, ok with that too. This tells me that you are setting the value of the car at whatever the manufacturer says it should be rather than determining for yourself what the value is to YOU.
  9. That is correct but what if the person that is trying to make the quick buck is buying the Shelby @ MSRP?? I would say that he/she has a very good chance at making a quick buck if they sell it on ebay or wherever. I am located in Canada and called a dealer in Minot to see what he had to say, they told me that I could reserve the Shelby they have coming for 40k above MSRP or it is going on ebay and they expect to make more. Well I think that is ridiculous so I called my local dealer and asked about ordering one and they said that only SVT dealers in Canada can order this car, so I pretty much gave up. But they called me the next day and said they recieved price lists and ordering info on the car, so as of right now I have a red with white stripe 07 shelby hardtop on order from Ford at sticker price, we will see if that actually goes through. If not I will wait and buy a new Mach1 or whatever they bring out between the GT and the Shelby in the next year or so.
  10. Oh and I will not be selling the car that I have on order to try and make a quick buck, the wording I have in there sounds like that's what I am planning, but I am not, I work really hard for my money and I want to spend it on a car that I really love and if I can get a new Shelby GT500 I will enjoy it not exploit it.
  11. Keepin hopeful

    I live near Pittsburgh, Pa and inquired about the Shelby last fall. They said that they were charging MSRP. I put a deposit down and waited like every one else.:shrug: I then received a call last week that the dealership was allotted two spots, one a hard top and one convert. I had been one on the convert list. So I went down to the dealership and ordered a vista blue convert. I received a print out order and was advised that production is to begin in June and with a delivery date of late July. I can only hope that the Pony Fairy God Mother is shining down on me. :D Mike paknght
  12. Just wait until someone pays $75,000 for a GT-500 and then totals it. The insurance company will pay them $40,000 for it because insurance pays out on ACV-actual cash value. So they will be out a car and missing $30,000.
  13. 60k for 500hp a rip off!

    60k for 500hp a rip off! Just what are you on? You can build a 03 for less money, and get much more power.
  14. Sure you can build an 03 for less. But what's the warrantee on that built 03 going to be like? And I rather doubt you are going to get the body and chassis from the 07. And why are you willing to pay $60k for the shelby . It will likely go down to MSRP next year. Much like the 03/04 did.
  15. I'll gladly be waiting until 08 or 09 and paying under MSRP...
  16. These days you can add the replacement cost as an option to your insurance,, it costs about $30-50 extra a month, but what it does is that if and when your vehicle is totalled they will have to replace it with an identical vehicle or pay what your bill of sale states you paid for the vehicle, not ACV.
    This will be good for 3 years from date of purchase and on NEW vehicles only.
    So anyone paying 10-20K over sticker should absolutely have this extra
    insurance on their vehicle.
    On another note, those who say they gonna wait and but the 08 or 09, good luck, cause so far Ford hasnt made any indications about any Shelby's for any of those years yet.
  17. The Shelby comes out this summer (fall?) as a 2007 M.Y. vehicle. Quantities of initial vehicles will be extra "limited" and this will help drive the demand for the dealers. Next Summer (fall?) or summer 2007 the Shelby will be a 2008 M.Y. vehicle. The planned production for this car is 2 model years only. Production of the Shelby should end as the restyled Mustang comes out in the summer of 2008 as a 2009 model. This is exactly how Ford built the Terminators.

    There are 3 options for buying one:

    1) Buy up front when demand (and prices) are high
    2) Wait until the end of the production run when prices will be at or slightly below MSRP (historically this happens)
    3) Wait until one shows up on the used car lot.
  18. Except that Ford has already indicated that the Mustang will not get updated until the 2010 model year.
  19. That means possibly more good news if they build another year of GT500's