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  1. Gee, I am sorry guy's I thought for sure the redesign was slated for 2009. Now there are two choices for production of the GT500

    1) Stop in 2008 - go 1 year without a S.E. model or SVT and wait for the 2010 cars to generate more buzz

    2) Build the GT500 for one aditional year in smaller volumes (as demand drops)
  2. The rumor is that another SE is in development for the 2008 MY. Reportedly it will be named either "Bullitt" or "Mach 1". But of course, future products are always subject to change.
  3. demand will drop?? :jaw:
  4. It dropped on the Terminators. It dropped on the 05s after they came out. It's normal for demand to fall off once the "buzz" falls off.
  5. but the GT500? :shrug:
  6. It certainly will.

    The market for $45K-$50K / 500 HP cars is very small.
    Ford had to offer huge rebates to clear out the last of the 04 Terminator Cobras. Even the 04 Mach 1s had big rebates on them to clear them out.

    Flashback to the 1960s. Ford / Shelby could not sell all of the 1969 Shelby Mustangs they made so they retagged the leftover '69s as 1970 models to help sell them.

    The market for regular old 2006 Mustang GTs is already softening. In the last few months Mustang GT inventory at my local dealers has skyrocketed. How things have changed in only 12 months. A year ago within a 50 mile radius there was less than a dozen GTs sitting on dealer lots. The dealers were asking for $5K AMVs. Now there over 120 GTs in stock to choose from including many with manual trannies and AMVs are long gone.

    Once the speculators are flushed out and prices become rational my prediction is that the total market for GT-500s over a 3 year period will be less than 25,000 units. If Ford makes the GT-500 in the 2009 Model year they will have trouble selling them,
  7. yeah, i should have used this pic.... :rolleyes:

  8. just curious, but when did they say this? :)
  9. Keep dreaming.

    Save my post and let's check back in 3 years and see who's right.

  10. Since Ford has never officially admitted if and when the Mustang will receive an update, the notion that the Mustang will get updated in 2008 is nothing more than rumors and uninformed speculation (just like saying demand for the GT-500 will never soften).

    Info. implying the next update will be in the 2009 MY has leaked through suppliers. Brad, owner of TMS has been told by Ford insiders that 2009 is when the update will be.
  11. i think you missed my sarcasm, 351CJ......


  12. I guess I did.

    Your wit is too sophisticated for me, it went right over my head :nice:
  13. I needed my power fix now so I bought a goat for under 30,000. LS2 corvette drivetrain, stunning interior, and stealthy looks. I might pick up a GT500 vert when the hype dies down. I won't get bent over by dealers anytime soon....