Prices & Options? Here's your Stink'in Prices & Options

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  1. OK guys & gals. If you all have carefully read through all the Ford press releases, you will have seen that Ford has pretty much told us everything that is standard and everything that is optional on the 2005 Mustang.

    The press releases seem to say that there will only be a Mustang V6 and a Mustang V8 GT. They imply that the 2005 Mustang will be like the good old days where you had a Chinese menu of options. It looks like the base prices will be reasonable, but just like the good old days, you will be able to option yourself into financial death.

    So here it is, the exact prices are my speculation, but just wait until when prices are officially announced. You'all are going o be quite surprised at how accurately I have predicted everything.


    $17,995.00 Mustang V6 Deluxe Coupe
    $19,895.00 Mustang V6 Premium Coupe
    $24,185.00 Mustang V8 GT Deluxe Coupe
    $25,955.00 Mustang V8 GT Premium Coupe

    $895.00 5 Speed Automatic Transmission
    $795.00 ABS & Traction Control (V6 only)
    $495.00 Sport Appearance Package (V6 only)
    $495.00 Interior Appearance Pkg. includes My Color Instrument Cluster
    $895.00 Interior Accent Package (GT only)
    $595.00 Leather Bucket Seats (Std on Premium)
    $595.00 Shaker Audio System (Std on Premium)
    $1,295.00 Shaker 1000 Audiophile System (N/A Deluxe)
    $395.00 Front Side Airbags
    $445.00 16" bright machined wheels with spinners (V6 only)
    $695.00 18" x 9" Brushed Aluminum Wheels & tires (GT)
    $1,045.00 18" x 9" Chrome Aluminum Wheels & tires (GT)
    $695.00 Anti-Theft Package
    $0.00 Delete Rear Spoiler (GT only)
    $645.00 Freight Charge

    Premiuim Array add to Deluxe Array:
    Leather seats
    Shaker 500 Audio System
    6 Way Power Driver's Seat
    Tilt Steering Wheel - manual adjust
    Message Center with trip computer

    Note: GT Arrays include ABS & TC
  2. Holy crap, you really think that the multi color gauges will cost that much?? It costs practically nothing to make. Aftermarket stereos with this option don't cost any more than stereos without. A person has to REALLY love colors to pay that much.

    They ought to give me some money back when I tell them where to shove the lame rear wing.

    Are you sure that a tilt wheel won't be standard? Would it really cost that much?

    I was excited about the audio system because I don't care for the appearance of aftermarket stereos, but that is a ridiculous price IMO.
  3. Geeez....and people complain about the possible price of an IRS option. :rolleyes:

  4. One of the press releases specifially says that the tilt wheel will be an option. Suprised me too, as well as the power drive's seat being an option, but that's what the Ford press release says:

    As I said, all my prices are guesses, but many of the things, like tilt steering wheel are based on what they cost on other FoMoCo products. I'd guess the multi-color gages cost around $30 to manufacture, but it's all about making some profit on the Mustang, maybe they will be cheaper. :shrug:
  5. I don't want anything except the V8 and maybe the 18" wheels (though $1,245 seems like a lot). Oh, and a drop top (can I get AC delete?). Is the base interior material still gonna be cloth? It would be cool if they made a decent vinyl/leatherette. Anyway, really hoping they do the base v8.
  6. Chrome wheels are very expensive. The 17" chrome wheels were a $845 option on the 2003 LS, with tires the same size as std. So 18" size upgrade + chrome $1,245 makes sense to me. Notice that I have brushed finish (could be painted) 18" wheels for a lot less. One of the Ford press releases says that the 18" wheels will be available in both chrome and satin finish.

    As far as A/C delete goes, where do you live Alaska? :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  7. Which press releases are you looking at. I'm not arguing with your estimates. Just trying to get all the info I can.
  8. I think I am in trouble. :(

    I am looking at a good looking coupe closed to 30 grand, with solid axle, that runs high 13s.

    My daily driver can do better at the same price with 4 doors and a real trunk :mad: :notnice: .

    I am skipping a year and waiting for the Cobra. Most of the goodies will be (usually) standard in the Cobra, anyway. So, might as well burns couple more grands for a more solid car. I hope they gonna do things right with the Cobra. :bang:
  9. Take anything on that site with a grain of salt.
    Even the 2005 video said it would be available with a 5speed manual or 4 speed auto...

    Its not the first time they've messed up.
  10. Again keep in mind that these prices are my guesses and they are STICKER price. Figure the first 3 months you'll have to pay $5K over sticker but within 6 months you'll be paying close to invoice. :)
  11. 351CJ, I never buy a first year production, anyway. Leave alone the first month :).

    I keep my fingers crossed hoping that they'll do the Cobra right. I have a Boss 302 clone heressy ready in my mind :).

  12. Smart move, I won't be buying until 2006 too. By the time 2006 rolls around you'll be paying invoice less a $1500 rebate. :p
  13. Same here, by then my 2000 GT will have been paid for and the Cobra will be within my price range.
  14. top down = AC :D
  15. Buying high performance car in the first year of production = a disaster :nonono:

    You'd be surprised to see the recall record for BMW's ///M series, MB's ////AMG, and Audi S series.

    2000 M5 needed new piston rings (and possibling pistons)
    2001 M3 needed new con rods. I heard couple of blown engines personally.
    2000-2002 Audi S4 was a disaster. The stupidest thing was they got some blown engine due to an $11 part. TheY-shaped connector that split the intake manifold was made of RUBBER. Some of them failed and got sucked in. They recalled it and replaced it using an aluminum part.
    2004 S4 has some "problems" that I haven't really paid attention at.

    However, they have less worries about rattles and squeaks :).
  16. What about the side airbags ? :shrug:
  17. did I read right SPINNER centercaps?!?!? NOOOO!!!!
    that sux that you have to apy for the tilt, im short I need it!!
    I hope thoes prices are wrong, the color changing gauges are cool, but not for that price/ I hope there are a lot more options included in the cobra, for a decent price
  18. The spinner centercaps are really COOOOOL looking. They make the car look like the 64 1/2 - 66 Mustang. I think that the spinner centercaps and the rims for the 2005 V6 Mustang look much nicer than the rims that are for the V8 Mustang GT. I definitely do not like the 2005 GT rims. I hope that Ford will have the Bullitt rims available as an option for the 2005+ GT.

    The Bullitt rims are the BEST looking rims that Ford has built for the Mustang GT since they had the Magnum style rims in the late 60's and early 70's for the 69 and 70 Mustangs.