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  1. Come on that is biggest waste on a v6 i mean if you think about it 10k in a v6 you can have a fully loaded gt.
  2. I will not debate your opinion with you. It is, after all, your OPINION.

    The whole point of his post was simple, GT performance with V6 insurance rates. If one does not wish to spend a lot of $$$ on insurance, but does want decent performance, then his plan is not all that bad. Is it what I would do? No. Is it what you would do? Obviously not. But just because your opinion is that his idea is stupid, does not mean that it is. That is the beauty of opinions and free will. He is free to do as he pleases no matter what your opinion is.
  3. That is the truth.. You are from tacoma huh??
  4. Yeah
  5. Boy did they get the article wrong or what. That has to be an old issue.
    "the GTO will have a 240-hp version of the 5.7-liter, all-aluminum, OHV LS1 V8"
    Or for the stang. "that includes an independent rear suspension on all models"
  6. thats cool seeing someone local on here.. Im from olympia.
  7. Off topic. So why haven't I seen you in the NW forums yet. And you haven't come to the meets.
  8. I think that article was back in 05/03. Plus, there is a reason why they are called "Sports Compact Cars" magazine and not "Hemming Muscle Machines" :rlaugh:.

    Geez, the standard IRS would be nice, though. :shrug:
  10. It seems you have a plan. A couple of questions. Exactly what is the insurance costs of the V-6 vs. V-8? You may need to sell it at some point. What is the difference in the resell of the V-6 vs. the GT? Is there good aftermarket availability of V-6 speed parts?

    According to a quick look at 1 & 2 yr. old Mustangs, I think you will be able to get a much better deal than 20% off original retail for a slightly used V-6. I have helped build a few "body-in-white" Mustangs. One of the biggest expenses is converting the V-6 brakes, rear diffs [gear set and axles], computer, etc. to V-8 specs. I'll admit the '05 may prove this past problem a less expensive conversion than previous year cars.

    Good luck on the project and be sure and post some pics and dyno numbers :nice:
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    I'm a guy who's in to all types of cars, whether they're American muscle cars, SUV's, or ricers.

    You're suggestion that my idea is stupid, is generally typical of people with V-8's on the brain.

    You're right, I can get a GT with the same amount of money, but the modded V-6 I mentioned will easily best the base V-8 GT (for less money), that's my ultimate goal. Get the best bang for the buck!

    I really like the new Mustang's retro styling. To be honest I have not been a big fan of the Mustangs since the mid 70's. The body styles they came out with in the late 70's, 80's, 90's, 2000-2004 in my opinion blows (I know I'm pissing on a lotta peoples parade with that statement, my appologies, but for me, those body styling's are just not my taste).

    So to summarize, how much torque can I get with a modded V-6, as compared with a base GT V-8 for the same amount of money? Easily another 80-100 ft pds over the base GT V-8, if not more (there's only an 85 ft pd separation of torque from the base V-6 to the base V-8). Plus I can add customizations that I choose for the interior and exterior, and make it look more than just a base Mustang. There's also the added benefits of better insurance rates, gas milage, weight to power ratio, etc.

    You're original statement doesn't hold water. :bs:
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    It varies depending on all sorts of issues... sex, age, drivers history etc. But if you're asking what the difference would be on a level playing field between a V-6 and V-8 sports car, the difference can range between $300-700 a year.

    As for the 20% off of retail for a used V-6, you're right, a better deal will most likely be available, depends on the market.

    As far as modding goes, you can give thanks to the ricers for making 4 and 6 cylinder engine modding much more attractive now-a-days. The amount of ready made product available is mind boggling!

    Throw on a turbo, cpu piggy-back unit, and a NOS system for around 7-8 grand, and you can easily turn the V-6 into something quite impressive. As for what products are out there, since I'm waiting till 2005, I'll most likely wait till then to see what can be had since manufacturers will have had time to look under the hood and test out a few of their products by then. :nice:
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