Pro 5.0 or Steeda Tri-ax

Discussion in 'SVT Tech Forum' started by 96MustangCobra, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. What do you guys think? Also are there any pros or cons about either? Just looking for some imput for my 96 Cobra.
  2. I am goinig to go with steeda.....the design and features are lot more solid than that of the pro 5.0....

    just my opinion
  3. Both are great...Steeda is less $$$ and free shipping here at the Partshopper.

    I went with the Steeda after hearing it has more adjustment for driver height/reach and you won't bang your knuckles like the Pro 5.0 sometimes.
  4. Pro 5.0 shifts much smoother and is worth the extra cost. I ran a Tri-Ax for two years and will never, ever go back. And the Pro 5.0 offers just as much adjustability if you buy a Tri-Ax handle or an MGW handle. Heh, even UPR makes a nice adjustable one. But, I'm sorry, the Tri-Ax just sucks...
  5. If you look around you can find the Pro 5.0 for about 175.00 very smooth shift plus it doesnt have that joint in the handle like the stock and the steeda.
  7. :hail2: Pro 5-0 MGW handle best shifter combo you can buy!
  8. Tri-Ax here...never used a Pro-5.0 and probably never will...mine works great and on the lower setting I never have to move my elbow off the center console to shift, it's at the perfect angle and height for me...
  9. Pro 5.0 here...had to have the handle retightened once as I was banging gears and it came loose, next time some thread lock will be in order.

    Only issue I have had, I don't bang my knuckles on anything either.
  10. I have a tri-ax in my 88 and a pro 5.0 in my 96. I personally like them both and do not have a real favorite. I do hate the handle that comes on the tri-ax though, I switched to a pro 5.0 handle the first week I had the shifter and could not be happier with it.
  11. Tri-Ax here on my '97 Cobra. At first, it felt very tight and notchy, but I was told all aftermarket STS's feel like that. Eventually it loosened up, and feels good now. Its spring loaded and kinda puts itself into gear, its pretty cool.

    The stock shifter feels like a big wet noodle compared to this one. I don't really notice myself shifting much faster with this one. The only real reason I got the shifter was becuase my stock assembly was leaking and neede to be replaced anyways, otherwise I woulda just kept it stock. It's a strong, quality unit though and has crisp shifts.
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  13. Bought a PRO 5.0 at the 40th for $160. Takes alittle bit to get used to, but I know I will never miss 3rd again. Friend installed a Steeda in his Mach 1 , a little noisey and the knob gets hot after driving it for awhile. But still a nice shifter
  14. When I first started to learn how to in my friends GT I learned on a Pro 5.0. Later on I bought a Saleen and installed a Steeda and there is no way I would go back to a Pro 5.0. I like the "noise" the Tri-Ax produces and have a very high rate of 3rd gear hits.
  15. i had a tri ax on my GT and am unsure on what to get for my Cobra. I am leaning towards the Pro 5.0 though with the MGW handle
  16. Another vote for Tri-Ax!
  17. Thanks a lot for the info, I think that I am going to go with the pro 5.0.
  18. What kinda "noise" are you talking about, the gear whine? Cuz I have that with the Pro 5.0.

    I have missed 3rd a couple times, and also didnt throw it up far enough, which was a big dissapointment. So I know how that is. I've been thinking about switching to just the Tri-ax handle, but I dunno what differnces it would make, if any.
  20. Hey, 96MustangCobra, I have a Pro 5.0 from my '99 Cobra in my garage. I'll let you have it for $100 plus shipping. It is in like new condition.

    Hopefully I won't catch any flak for posting this here, but it is just a reply.

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