Mach 1 Pro Charging the MACH ! ! !

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by DOHC otto, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. I'm about to bolt the procharger kit on my car :D just as soon as the tracks open and I can see what it does before and after the kit is on. I was wondering when the clutch goes what brand I should replace it with ? Also I really want the car to be very functional I drive to a lot of cruise-ins and car shows anybody got a suggestion on what gear I should run ?
  2. Id probly keep the stock 3.55's:shrug:

    Not sure on the clutch, cant go wrong with a good centerforce though.
  3. I like the 4.10's with the a centrifugal s/c as it takes time for it to build speed. The higher gearing will help to get into the power band quicker. As for clutches, I like the 03-04 cobra clutch. Its a factory piece that can take a beating.
  4. i'd go with 4.10s.

    as for the procharger. is it a P1SC? stock pulley? what hp are you aiming for?
  5. Yeah, I'd like to hear some details and updates on this - I was thinking about the same upgrade. Is this a stock motor?
  6. No its not a stock motor anymore. I went with a shortblock from Livernois Motorsports. Also I went with the D1SC upgrade on the procharger kit. As for updates the motor is done and in the car and the kit is on. It still needs to be tuned hopefully that will be done the first of next week.