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  1. Howdy,

    I've got an old Pro-M Maf-Tuner (from circa '03) and could use some software help with it. I got the unit used and I can see the file that's saved on it. All I want to do is load a stock 94-95 GT MAF curve into the unit. Then I can use the pots to tinker with it just a hair. That's all I need.

    Now when I go to use the software that came with it, I can see the old file loaded into the Tuner, but I can't seem to be able to save anything of my own. Nor can I access the transfer curve files (that should have been included on the CD, I think). The CD never prompted me for my OS or installed anything on my desktop (as the instructions say it should). I think the CD that comes with it is rewritable - I wonder if a PO overwrote the files. :shrug:

    Y'all know I'm a real puter dummy, so I would really welcome any assistance you can offer (assume I know nothing - you will not offend me).

    Thank you.
  2. JT-
    I wish I knew more about this, but info seems limited.

    I did find this page, but you may have already seen it

    If you need the MAF Transfer for a factory 70mm MAF, I may have one on my site.
    Many of the stock Ford Transfers are readily available.
    Do you know the catch code for your computer? I am not very familiar with the sn95 puters.

    Wish you luck,
  3. Jason, thank you sir. For some reason, I don't think these things were super popular. :shrug:

    I had happened past that site, but it works great for explaining - I can't do any of the stuff they're doing on there. :lol: Like in step 4, where they are playing with the "meter to use' and 'meter to match', I cannot access any files to load anything (I believe the pop-up message says 'access denied').

    My computer retardation comes back into play with this kind of thing. :doh:

    Oh, it's a U4MO processor.

    I do appreciate the help and moral support though Jason. :nice:
  4. Well, not sure what to do next.

    Have you tried just opening the CD drive to see what files are on the disk?
    You may get lucky and find an executable file, which will load the program for you?

    I'm just guessing at this point.

    Keep us posted...

  5. Hey Jason,
    Thank you for the idea. I had gone through the CD. There are about 7 files on it. A folder for Ford, one for GM and one for Import. Only the Ford one has anything, but it's all just shortcuts to the original owner's desktop Icons (I think). Each file is like 2KB and I get an error message when I hit one.

    Then there are the instructions (that work fine), the Help file (works fine, but is limited - that Porsche-tuning site is much better than the instructions anyhow) and that's about it. I think because I cannot load the initial file you're supposed to (and have stuff on the desktop, etc), I'm stuck. It might be analogous to having a Word document you want to edit, but not having MS Office installed on the computer. The remaining couple of icons don't do anything (I can't open them. It says the computer doesnt recognize the file type and wants to look online for it. I ran the file type through MS's file searcher thing and it didnt find it there).

    The original owner had downloaded some weird MAF files (MR2, Supra, etc) and put them in the Ford file. I don't think the CD came like that, so it must be rewritable, and that means who knows what was done to that CD. DOH. The file in the MAFTuner's EPROM has out-voltages real small compared to the in-voltages (suggesting he had big injectors, I think).

    I'm just gonna wait a bit [and try to dig a little more] and see if anyone has an idea of what's wrong. Next time I have the files open, I'll take notes of what exact messages I get and what the file types are (if not LIO) so I can relay them to this thread. Maybe seeing that will help. :shrug:

    Oh, and regarding that other thread where I noted this being your sub-forum: you got it right. :) I consider this sub-forum to be your baby. :nice:

    Thanks again Jason.
  6. JT-
    Maybe you can find someone else who has this setup, and burn a copy of their disk.
    Obviously ProM won't care about copyrights :p

    I've considered asking that this subforum get hacked up and thrown back in with the general tech forum. What kind of Father would ask to have that happen to his 'baby' :nono: