Probe Seats

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  1. i was at my local swap meet this weekend and saw a pair of leather probe seats and remembered that they were pretty good when i had my probe. and i thought what if? has anyone replaced their seats with the probe seats i think they would be a good replacement for my torn leather seat. im wondering if they would just bolt in or not. i did like the bolster support on the probe seats and the lumbar.
  2. I really doubt they'd be a direct swap. The seat track would most likely need to be adapted somehow, but I really don't know what all that would entail.
  3. No direct knowledge, but I can tell you that almost anything is swappable, just depends on how much fabrication you want to do. If the seat height is similar (from mounting point to butt-level), then even if you have to do a track swap, you don't have a big problem.

    I didn't pay attention to that critical seat-height dimension when I bought my really cool Recarros from a BMW to swap into my 67. MAJOR floor fabrication later (hey, I got a great deal, I had to make them work), they now are set up, but I could have saved myself a lot of trouble by taking that measurement first.
  4. Pics co the seats in the 67 pls :)
  5. None to provide just yet. Floor fab is done, seats are back in the storage area while I finish up the work on the car. Won't be back in until I do the interior install, which is probably not until March or so. Sorry...
  6. Have either of u used the corbeau lg1 seats before? I like the way they look and id like to get new seats cuz mine are torn
  7. OP... Get the seats and the seat tracks. If the tracks don't come with the seats then pass.
  8. I haven't used the Corbeau, but they're a pretty popular swap in first-gen cars, and folks seem to be pretty happy with them.

    See if you can at least find a set in a shop somewhere so you can sit in them, even for a few minutes, to see how they "fit". It'd suck to spend that kind of money on a set of seats only to find out that they don't fit you well.