Expired Probe Srs Flat Top Pistons 347/331

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  1. Part # 10666 Low miles $250 + Ride

    PROBE Flat Top 347 .030 inline valve relief (Non TW)Forged Pistons
    $250 + ride.
    part number 10666

    Product Model Sportsman Race Series - SRS
    Engine Displacement (cu.in.) 331/347
    Engine Family FORD-LINCOLN-MERCURY - Small Block 302 Based V8
    Material 2618-t61 Forged Aluminum
    Bore (in) 4.030
    Stroke (in) 3.250/3.400
    Rod Length (in) 5.400/5.315
    Compression Height (in) 1.175
    Top Type Flat Top
    Net Head Volume (cc) -4.0
    Deck Thickness (in) 0.275
    Valve Pocket Cutters 2.150 I - 1.700 E
    Valve Pocket Depth (in) .272/150 I - .200 E
    Weight Without Pin (g) 474
    Wrist Pin Diameter (in) 0.912
    Wrist Pin Length (in) 2.500
    Wrist Pin Weight (g) 113
    Pin Lock Type Dbl Spiral
    Ring Set # 315-0049
    Top Ring Groove Size 1/16 in.
    Second Ring Groove Size 1/16 in.
    Oil Ring Groove Size 3.0 mm
    Top Ring Land (in) 0.220
    Second Ring Land (in) 0.140
    Bottom Ring Land (in) 0.070
    Quantity Sold in sets of 8.
    Notes Designed for Standard cylinder heads, will not fit Twisted Wedge cylinder heads.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.