Problem accessing the site from work

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  1. I hope one of the IT guru's at stangnet can help with this one - I have a feeling something changed on this site which is not co-operating with my blue coat proxy at work. I get this message when trying to get to stangnet:

    BlueCoat Proxy Error - 2dcbc111ce1:::Network Error:::Your request could not be processed because an error occured contacting the DNS server.

    Every other site I go to works, and Stangnet works from home - the last time something like this happened at work, the rental car website we use as a vendor changed some code that didn't wanna play nice with our proxy so we had to modify our proxy to handle it. Did something change with the site as of this week? All DNS info is correct and working properly, just nobody at work can hit the site now. Thanks!
  2. You sure they don't have the URL blocked?
  3. Yea, it would have shown with an access denied message instead of the BlueCoat error.
  4. Honestly I think one of our DNS servers had a hiccup last night and some people who queried our domain name got 0 results then errored until the next check.

    Please check again when you get a chance and see what you get. I am hoping the issed is now resolved.

  5. Cool, thanks Tim and Mike - I am going to work in about 5 min, so hopefully I'll be able to post and tell you all is well!
  6. Still no luck from work - it just hangs and I get the Blue Coat error again.
  7. Do you know how to edit a host file on your machine?
  8. yea in the system32/drivers/etc - what do you suggest?
  9. I was using a DNS that Malevolyn had recommended and I was having DNS lookup problems as well a couple days ago. I just switched to another DNS and the issue went away.
  10. I was able to access the site today at work...weird...didn't have to change anything either.
  11. Odd indeed.