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  1. After its warmed up a little and you shut it off, what does the psi do, ....2min-10min-45min-1hr 1/2??????????
  2. It does the same thing it has been, click to ACC hops to 40, slowly creeps to 0 over a couple minutes. When I start it goes to 39-40 and stays there steady. I'm sure you're going to tell me something is wrong and I'm going to cry myself to sleep. Lol, I just wanna drive her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's a pain in the ass, but Sooo worth it.
  3. I'm not asking you ACC, ...I first want to know when you shut it off after its warm psi levels in relation to time.
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  4. Sorry! What do you mean? Like when i re start the car? Or after i shut if off and remove the key? thanks again for the help
  5. Warm up the car, ie: start the car and let it run in park, sitting still. After its nice and warm, turn the key backwards and shut the car off. Then document the fuel pressure psi characteristics after you shut it off at 2min then 10min then 45min then 1hr 1/2 after the time you shut it off.
  6. At an hour the pressure still sat at 40
    At 50 mins it still read 40 with the key turned off. Had to go to work after that so didn't get the 1.5 hours.
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  7. Thats a great reading, you'll be fine bud!!