Problem: Rust Colored Sand Particles On Car

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by forzalife, Mar 25, 2014.

  1. Hey ive been having a problem. One day i found some rust colored sand on the sides of my car. Especially on drivers side. I tried to clean it off but it wouldnt come off completely. Couple weeks later (today) it was raining and i was getting off work. I hopped into my car and idrive home. I get out and find that somewhere during my 10 min drive home ALOT of rust colored sand has gotton all over my driver door skirt front wheel its a mess! What the hell is going on? I did drive over a couple puddles on the way
  2. wouldnt be brake dust right?
  3. Ps it cant be earth because i drove in the city nothing but urban concrete
  4. Tbh my brakes are past due im using ebrake alot. But DAM that much brake dust? I was thinking the puddles splashed under my motor where i can see the same rust color. I think it might be old coolant
  5. It's not brake dust. It's rotor/drum rust as I would venture to guess your pads/shoes are gone and you are just grinding metal on metal somewhere at this point
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  6. Oh really howd it get all up under my engine? And all over the side of my car only twice in a month
  7. you should take a pic of this mystery dust
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  8. You tell me. I can't look at your car. Just going by what you've said.
  9. the twice a month part is what got me?.....
  10. dust/rust off your worn ass brakes. We see it alot from the semis that haul coal around here.
    P.S. if your having to use your ebrake to stop then its time for a brake job.
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  11. You mean during normal driving, your brakes are so bad that you have to pull on you parking brake handle to stop your car??? And you are worried about some dust on your paint? Priorities brother. If you wind up wrapped around a tree because your brakes failed you won't be worrying about any dust.
  12. Aye yay yaye