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  1. If you think that many people who make $10-$11 and $12 an hour are all doing fine then you have to get a reality check. You don't have a clue about what's going on. You are ignorant. $10-$12 an hour is POVERTY LEVEL. Get this thru your brain man.
  2. So now I'm in poverty as well? Yes there are people who can't make it on $10-$12. But there are a great many who live within their means. I know a lot of them. They may not have brand new cars. But they don't all have beaters either.
  3. Clarification (Ron):

    a FAMILY living on $10-$12/hr is below the poverty line. An individual on that kind of money is not.
  4. You are missing the whole point here. $10-$12 an hour is poverty level. One cannot live with this type of salary. Not when everything is so expensive like the cost of living. The people who live within their means who are making $10-$12 an hour are not making it. Good luck to you if you are because everybody whom I know that's making $10-$12 an hour is not making it. And they are not living beyond their means. You are obviously in a dream world. Snap out of it.
  5. No offense, but I just realized I sound like a pro wrestler when I read Ron's posts.
  6. Ok...everybody...the the prices I quote is CANADIAN...NOT AMERICAN. Prices I said are correct!
  7. Why is that Shatner?
  8. All the smart cookies in here will admit that I am right. The others who are all asleep will not.
  9. The Aveo I saw in the show room must have had all the options because it was $17k something. I was shocked and told my wife "are they kidding, $17k for this POS..." Again...I stress these are Canadian prices. Before you dispute these things you should beyond your border, but still in North America.
  10. Wylde,

    These people don't understand anything about the cost of living. You will not get anywhere by trying to explain to them that a $10-$12 an hour salary is poverty level.They are all in denial. They just don't understand this. It's like beating on a dead horse. They will never understand what's going on around them in the real world. It's like they have all been dumbed down by the system or something. Too bad.
  11. I guess so...I can't get over why everyone is arguing over something is so obvious. Maybe they either chose to forget the true difference because I remember my parents could easily support the family with just my dad working. Now-a-days, it's almost impossible unless both parents work. A single guy can barely get by unless he is making $15+ a hour, I know, I was single only 7 years ago and I found it very hard. I was lucky if I had $50 left over at the end of the month after just paying things like my little mortgage, taxes, utilities and food. I am considered a skilled worker on top of that I am a technical writer and I have been for 25 years. The average cost of living has gone up a lot more than wages and that goes for both sides of the border.
  12. I agree, $10 to $12 an hour is poverty level. I make several times that, and I'm single, and still I have months where I scrape by. I own a 10 year old car and wonder why I have any desire to blow $30k on a new one... :shrug:. Why is it that the more money you make, the less you have to spend, and the less you *want* to spend? Maybe if I got demoted I could get a brand new Cobra... :bang:

  13. I'm glad that at least 2 bright people in here see eye to eye with me on this issue. Now you guys are the few people in here besides me who are talking and making sense about this issue. Everybody else is in outer space.
  14. Not to say anything to contradict but I felt the same way about making more and having less untill I lost my job for a while.. Now I seem to be able to make a paycheck last a really long time... heh
  15. Well now, we are talking about basic economics 101 here. Expenses rise to meet income. The is the classic saying in economics. Basically the more you make the more you are going to spend. I agree anything under $15/hr is poverty level or a least hovering there. Here in CT average cost of one bedroom apartment is $800. Then add in utilities, taxes, car payments, food, insurance, etc, etc, and thats leaves someone with nothing. My first new mustang was my 93 Cobra, it bought for $20,859.76 out the door. Then when I finished that I bought my 97 Cobra for $24,367.91 out the door. I paid that off and considered an 04 Cobra, but the best deal I could get was $31K. I'm doing pretty well, but with a mortgage and all other expenses, a $500-600 car payment is not practical. My daily driver is an 85 audi 4000 and I also have a 94 Toyota p/u. We just bought a new Passat wagon for the wife to use and as family car. I could afford a new mustang but I think its overpriced. The first one I bought when I was younger and still single, the second I bought after getting house and all the responsilities and making less money, but the price was still affordable. Today, its affordable, but not practical for the price, at least not my situation. The big picture here is the the middle class is disappearing. The are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. This is a big problem happening in the U.S. as week speak. The rich have to worry about nothing, there rich, aside from those with personal issues, they have it made. The poor have it made also. Welfare, food drives, charity, etc. I not saying people don't deserve help, but the middle class is the ones paying for it.
  16. You have no idea what poverty level is. I grew up in poverty. Dad a cab driver and mom cleaning houses with 4 kids. We never had a new car but we always had A car. We always had food and they owned our house! As much as we as Americans like to pretend everyone is equal, WE ARE NOT. If we all made the same wage and had the same ability to purchase things we would be communists. In this country, there has to be some peope that are not as well off as others. If not, we all end up poor. There would be no reason to own a buisness if all of your profits went to your employees. The beauty of the USA is that there are ways o move up the chain. I moved up the chain from lower class to upper middle. For each person that goes up a notch, there has to be 2 or 3 waiting or content to be lower class. Ron, you have to offer the employeer a return on investment to earn the wages you think everyone should have. In every buisness you will have employees that serve a function but really dont add to the bottom line. If you give them equal pay, what would make them want to better themselves? Do a better job? If you do, you end up with car prices like we have today. The unions make everyone equal and thus we have $30 an hour janitors. For things being so bad today, a guy that had nothing bought a large house and a new car at age 21! 10 years later, I have another brand new car(paid for outright) and a 3 year old SUV in the driveway. Not to mention that I live in the Northren Virginia area where things are among the most expensive in the nation. Things are not as hard as you make seem and sure as hell are not as easy as you want them.

    Tell me this, if money does not go as far today, why can imigrants come here and live so much better on low salaries then we ourselves can? We are the richest people in the world and we live like it. It is possible to live and live well on the wages you seem to think are impossible. It's just not possible to live like we Americans think we are entitled to live.
  17. I grew up in poverty too. Dad took off left, my brother and I with my mom. We had our own house and food but things were always tight. We all had to work at young age to help support the family. But I worked as hard as possible, put myself through school and made something of myself. And now I have my own house, two cobra, a new wagon for the family and I am able to help out other people when necessary. I worked for everything I have and will continue to do so. My problem is that the hardworking people are the ones left to pay the bills. We pay the most tax and have to work the most. Poor get all the tax breaks and welfare and don't have to work. The rich have enough money to not work and also get a better tax break. Yeah, I doing well, but I also have two kids that will need to go to college in a few years. They are good students and all, but unless they get scholarships its going to be a big investment. They are good students, they want to learn and with proper school they could go far in life. While someone else who does not car at all will get their schooling paid for in full because they are poor or rich or because of their name. I can't complain too much about my life, I am comfortable, I have what I need and a lot of what I want, but I worked for all that and continue to do so, while others just sit back and not worry about anything.
  18. Gee, I wonder how I've gotten by for 39 years being asleep. You are obviously one of the smartest cookies in here, and it looks like there is no hope for society cause my guess is prices on things will always increase so we might as well just give up in life and put ourselves out of our misery. :rlaugh:
  19. This country was built by imigrants. If it weren't for them we would have nothing. They came here worked hard and built the richest most powerful nation in the world. They are smart and don't take things for granted like others do. They come here to work and make a better life for themselves. Now, there are those that come here to work and send $$ back to there home country, but they also fill a gap by taking on jobs no one else wants. The problem is, and I think this was discussed earlier in the thread is that we are too commercialized. Its all about image. We try to make ourselves look good by imitating others. There are no values anymore. Imigrants, come her live their lives, work, etc and retain the values they were born with. But there children who are born here or brought over young fall into the trends and they forget their values and morals.