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  1. You must be one of the lucky ones. I wish I could sleep and still get stuff done. That would be wonderful.
  2. The immigrants who come here work the low paying jobs that nobody else wants. But the immigrants have one thing going for them which we Americans don't. When they come here they save money. They do this by 10 people living together and sharing an apartment to avoid paying the $800 and $1,000 a month rent. When you have 10 Brazilians living in a 2 or in a 3 bedroom apartment like they currently do, they will all save money. They will each save $700 to $900 a month on the rent. Each brazilian will have to pay only $80-$100 a month in rent rather than fork out the $800-$1,000 out of thier pockets by themselves. This is what's happening here in America right now with the immigrants like the Brazilians. I wanted to also bring up one more thing about them which nobody else in here brought up. The immigrants who come here to this country don't stay here for long. The American dollar goes further in their own countries than it does here in the United States. The Brazilians for example stay here for only 5 to 6 years and they save whatever they can and send all their maney back to Brazil where they can get more for their money. I know that $100,000 in Brazil goes a very long way. Here in America you can't do $hit with that type of money. That's why the immigrants come here. They come to work a few years to accumulate and save some money and then they get the hell out of this country. They go back to their own country where they can live much better with the money that they made than they could if they were to live here in this country.
  3. Hey lets all save up together and maybe we can buy the whole country of Brazil. I don't know about Brazil, I think they pegged there currency to ours and is worth the same, but they do get paid better here and then send the money there. This happens with alot of countries. Although, now Europe's money is worth more than ours. So Europe is having the same problems with imigrants as we are.
  4. Ron. I you are sterotyping. Most asian, india and eurpoean imigrants dont live in the fashion you describe. You are basing your opnion on some imigrants that do not want to live here. They just want to make money so they can live at home. Contrary to popular belief, there are many many many people who come here to stay. You cant do $hit with 100,000??? Are you insane. That will buy you 2 homes in a large part of the united states. Not to mention 4 mustang gt's, a few hundred acres of land in the US, etc. I think you are just trying to get a response now. Thats just crazy to say.
  5. Hey, do you think they are really coming here for the Mustang? They don't want to live here, they don't want money. They just want to see the Mustang!
  6. Many imigrants here in Canada do that...whole families living under 1 roof. They are smart in doing it that way. I personally know some Asians and Indians (as from India) doing that. They all have jobs that most people wouldn't want, janitorial jobs. Super nice people woth major family values and very generous in the way they will welcome you into their home and feed you till you burst. All happy too. But they have the power in the numbers. 6 people bringing in $25k a year is a household income of $150k a year. Most of the ones I have met are here to stay, some I have met didn't. If they were all singles, they tell me there is no way on earth they could make and still be happy. When I was single (7 years ago), $35k a year was not enough and I had no loans outside of my mortgage. I had 2 cars but one was 18 years old and the other was 10 years old.
  7. Now...I feel lucky, I can afford a new mustang if I want one. :)
  8. Most of the Indian/Asian people around here are business owners. Not to sterotype but many own restaurants, convinence/package store, laundry mats, motels, etc. Other tend to be doctors.
  9. I don't have to do research to know what things cost 25-30 years ago, Ron. I'm 53 years old, and I know.....probably better than do you.

    Sure, the cost of living has exceeded the increase in average wages.....that's fairly obvious. But NOT by a 2:1 margin as has been suggested.....not nearly that much. (And don't take that as saying that car prices, for example, haven't doubled since 1972. I'm saying that the change in cost of living hasn't exceed the change in typical wages by by a factor of 2:1)

    And you certainly cannot use minimum wage as a comparator.
  10. gotta hate those brazillians...........
  11. Amen. And by looking at his last post I can see part of the problem. Anyone who thinks 100k is not a lot of money, just write that check to me and I'll show you what I can do with it. We have a guy at work that says if you clear a million in the lottery, it is not a lot of money, even though it would take him ten years to gross a million.
  12. $100k, come on, my butler found the between the couch pillow cushions this morning.
  13. Acutally, the guy at work is partly right.

    In canada, there is a twice-weekly lottery called 649. Jackpots are typically in the 2 to 3 million range and if no one wins, it carries over and the jackpots go up, sometimes as high as 15-20 million. Unlike lotteries in the US, the jackpot is paid in one lump sum and there is no tax taken off. There was a study done a few years ago that determined something like 80% of the jackpot winners were flat broke 2 to 3 years after winning the prize!

    They generally quit their jobs, go on a spending spree, buy a ton of stuff for them and their family and friends, etc, etc. Next thing you know: all gone.

    As for the immigrant thing and multiple families living under one roof:

    My father came over from europe in the mid 60's. He had nothing and could barely speak english. He went where he could find work and busted his ass for over 30 years. By the time I was born, We were living in a remote mining town of abot 15,000 people where, after driving a cab and fixing cars for 3 years, he managed to build his own auto body business and worked it 7 days a week. The only cars he drove were write-offs he fixed himself. Keeping up with the Joneses was never a consideration.

    At the same time we had relatives (2 brothers, their wives and kids) who lived in the same house together for a number of years. They worked in the mine until they could start start a restaurant and, like my father, they worked that place 7 days a week and, like me, their kids were part of the business as well.

    By the time my father was in his mid 50's, he sold the shop picked up some apartment blocks. The same goes for the 2 brothers. They sleep a bit later every day and they work, maybe, 20 hrs a week. Their houses are paid off, they have/are putting all their kids through college. One of them even has a PHD in bio-chemistry (not me though).

    These are people who never concerned themselves with what other people were doing or what kind of money other people were making. They just set their minds to going out and getting it themselves. They also didn't fret about having all the toys people feel they need these days. What the Jonses do is their business, not ours. Let me deal with my stuff and they can deal with theirs. They just got a new car/the latest TV/cottage at the lake? So what. Mr and Mrs Jones will sending checks to the bank once a month till they day they die.
  14. But just as you have pointed out. That is a case of poor money management skills. If you spent that money buying houses or apartments. Or some other money generating investment. Then you would likely be just fine. You can even do ok (Might still have to work depending on your lifestyle choice.) If you just put the money in a high yield savings account. Even at the 2% rate on 2 million your talking $40k a year.
  15. Yea, people suck.
  16. I know I wouldn't mind having the decision on what to do with 2 million. They say money can't buy happiness. But as Gene Simmons said. I'd rather be a rich miserable bas**** than a poor miserable one.
  17. Thats exactly right. I would keep working another ten years just for the excellent benefits my company pays, while I invested the million. Then I would be 49 with my first kid graduating high school and the second one three years behind. I guarantee I would be alright to retire then. Barring death before then of course.
  18. Okay. I agree that most immigrants in this country work hard. They are able to save lots of money because they keep their expenses very low. They all live together and split the rent. Most of the people that I know who are immigrants live together with 4 to 9 other people in a single apartment. So, they are able to save a lot of money. When the rent is only $1,000 and there are 5 to 10 people cramped living in an apartment each person's minimum rent is only $100 to $200 per month each. How many of you purebred American-born people in here are able to save this much money on your rent and pay $100-$200 per month for rent? I bet very few or none.

    Also, lots of immigrants also work a second job to be able to save even more money. They drive used cars that cost under $5,000. And when they save enough money, they either buy into a business or just leave the United States with their money and they go back to the country where they came from. This is the way that a current immigrant's lifestyle is like today in the United States.

    American born people don't have this lifestyle. They all work, but they pay high rents. They don't live with 5 to 9 other people in an apartment to save money. Lots of Americans also have a second job to try to make ends meet, but the money from the second job is usually used for the rent or for other bills like the mortgage or car or credit card payments. And the American-born person does not have the ability to leave this country and go to a place like Brazil or Eastern Europe or the Middle East to live a better quality life with money that he/she has saved from working here in the United States. I know for a fact that if you take some money with you to places like Brazil, Eastern Europe, and the Midddle East, you can live BETTER than having this money here in the United States. The quality of life here in this country is not as good as in some other countries like Brazil, Greece, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. If you can make just a little bit of money here and take that money and go to any of these countries you can live much better than you can here. I know many people who did this and they never came back to the United States. Here we work hard and we might be able to save some money, but everything is too expensive. In the countries which I mentioned above, you can use very little American dollars and live like a King. You cannot do this here in the United States. That's why we have Americans here working their a$$ off and just getting by. It's because everything that you try to do here costs too much money. It's not like that in Eastern Europe, Brazil and the Middle East. Things are different and better there. You have to live there to understand what I mean. Anyways, I just thought that I would tell this to all the people in here who think that they've got it made in this country working like a slave trying to pay all of their bills because you don't have it made. You are only working to get by to pay your bills. That's it. You don't have the relaxed lifestyle and the excellent quality of life that the people in Eastern Europe, Brazil and the Middle East have. I don't think that you know what the quality of life is. The people from the countries that I mentioned above do. If you want to dispute this don't give me the BS about how you own your own house and how you own 2 cars and a boat. I don't mean only these things by the statements that I made in here. I am also refferring to the lifestyle and quality of life. Americans here don't have a good lifestyle and a good quality of life. All they do is work and go home and wake up the next day to go to work again. And at the end of each week, they have to write checks to pay a $hitload of bills. This type of lifestyle doesn't exist in Eastern Europe, Brazil and the Middle East. People don't have the anxiety and the bills that we have here. Life is CHEAPER in these countries. And the people who live in these countries mentioned above have MORE than what we have here. Very few Americans know about this. I know about these things because I have travelled extensively and have also lived in some of these countries. People over there don't have the anxiety and worries that we experience and have here in this country.
  19. Ron it may be true that some of these places are better in your opinion (and others). However many of these places have their own problems. Like the middleeast. Many people over there hate americans. And of course I haven't seen very many egyptian Ford mustangs. But the real question is. If you like those places so much. Why not move over there?
  20. I have lived in Greece and on the Greek islands. Greece is one of the nicer places to live in southeastern Europe. It is a Christian country and there is no turmoil there like there is in some of the Middle Eastern countries. Greece was very cheap to live in up until recently when they converted to the Euro dollar. Whichever country currently has the Euro dollar is very expensive to live in right now. Most of the European industrialized countries have the Euro and they are having high inflation because everything has gone up in price and people's salaries over there haven't gone up at all just like here in this country.

    On the other hand, most of the middle eastern countries don't have this problem.Countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Dubai are cheaper to live in than most European countries and the United States. These countries are economically stable because of their oil revenues. They are very cheap places for an American to live in. Also, they don't have taxes in these countries. The government does not give welfare to feed the lazy people that want to breed babies with 5 different fathers. There is no such thing as welfare in these countries. And there is no such thing as paying taxes either. That's why a little American Dollars can go a long way in countries like these. So, if you think that you have it good here in America you are mistaken. There are other places here on earth which are better than America where you can live much better and have a better quality of life with only very little money. If you ever travel to these countries you will understand what I mean here.