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  1. I ordered the grab a track steering kit for my 65' and finally getting a chance to install and first thing that I find wrong is the putter tie rods! The new ones are smaller than what I have but someone on here said that even though I have the granda spindles the v8 tie rods will work but they are to small. Next problem is the front shocks mine have the one shaft on top like how the rear are but the new ones came with 2 bolt holes for the top kind of like how a chevy front shock mounts onto the bottom on the truck! So what should I do or is my car pieced together from all kinds of other stuff please let me know what is the easiest way to resolve these issues!!!!!
  2. I believe the Granada spindles use a larger tie rod ,like a 70.
    you have the wrong shock caps ,probably Falcon or Fairlane ? they should be a two bolt top . 65s are taller than the 66-70 but they all will work .
  3. You can have a tapered sleeve machined to fit the Granada spindles for the tie rod ends .I have seen these sleeves some where ,may be Summit or Speed Way.
  4. This is what you should have for a shock mount 66-70 style
    Picture 001.jpg
  5. Well I guess that means I need to order more parts! I feel like my luck is always against me. But can I just get the Granada tie rod ends and screw them into the sleeves for the mustang? B/c I can just get the tie rods from the local auto parts place here?
  6. A friend of mine recently tried to get the Granada rod ends and was told one side is no longer available :shrug: he wound up having adapter sleeves made
  7. I actually ordered the putter tie rod ends earlier from orielly auto parts today they said they will be in on Monday morning. I took the old ones I had and they threaded into my new sleeves earlier so I'm guessing they should work fine!
  8. I've been posting from my phone is there a way to put a pic from my phone onto here so I can better show what I have?
  9. i believe mustang steve has sleeves for tie rod ends

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  11. image.jpg Ok it seems to work, yesterday I kept trying and it wouldn't work
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  12. Is that a BBQ grill? I will be right there .:nice:
  13. Yes it is! Lol I kept it b/c I'm thinking when I change out all my sheet metal out on the car was planning on cutting up my front end and making a wall mount for my garage like that