Problems With 02 Mustang

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  1. Hello everyone,

    I was hoping to get some feedback from people who might know what the issue is with my car. In the past 4 years it's had 3 alternators. Different mechanics have told us that was the main problem. Seems it isn't since we need to keep replacing it (thank goodness for warranties). The most recent incident that happened was when I was on my way to an interview, the car seemed to not want to run after stopping at a stop sign. Not long after that everything just stopped working, the radio turned off, the gas gauge and other gauges went all the way down, I made it to an off street so I wouldn't block traffic. Afterwards I tried turning the car back on and no luck. It made a sound that was like one I heard before when the alternator was bad.

    I had an uncle and cousin go to where I was and have them check it out, it seemed like the plastic cap behind the alternator where the wires are were melted? They managed to take out the alternator and battery, we took to a local auto shop and it was the alternator that was bad. We got a new one, put it in, decided to play it safe and go back home. On the way home the A/C was on and it smelled like plastic. Once I got home I had them check it again and they said the alternator was very hot, not supposed to be.

    Could it be a wire shortage, or maybe something with the A/C? I've recently moved to where I'm currently at and don't know any of the mechanics here.

    Wondering if anyone else had this problem or have any idea what it might be?