PROBLEMS WITH MMR-modular mustang racing

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  1. fill in the stars with modular depot
  2. Sucks, sounds like a bad situation :( It's been 3 months since you ordered it, so did it initially take them longer than quoted to get the motor out to you, or did you get it and sit on it for a while, or what?
  3. nope,as the website says wait time on all the motors is 2-3 weeks,so i asked when i ordered and he said maybe 4 at most,got it 2 MONTHS later,then like i said once i recieved it the crank was a useless POS,sent it right back within days,now still waiting.i think thats horrible service.
  4. crap that's where I was going to order my shortblock from
  5. That's who I bought my shortblock from. I never had any kind of problems with my order. They told me about 3 weeks was the wait for my block. I think it took them about 3 1/2 weeks before they shipped it to me.

    wasn't to bad I didn't think. :shrug:
  6. i went with them because i hadn't seen anything negative but as you can see this is not very professional in my opinion,not talking about the quality of their product because i havent been able to get to that point yet but i had just mad another post on the link posted above about my 1hr conv with the owner yesterday,which was no good at all
  7. damn ive been waiting for my vt engine for over 2 months! i need to have it this upcomming week. i have to give them a call see whats going on.

    engine builders take a while, its just the way it is.
  8. i wasnt happy with waiting 2 months but thats not the issue here,the issue is getting something defective that i paid a lot of heard earned money for then sending it back and having to wait even longer,i understand things take time,the issue here is they are not doing anything to help the situation or give any the entire post and you will see what i mean.i just didnt post everything here because there was a lot to say on the other posts
  9. where you from in NJ by the way?
  10. Probably an old thread, but still want to say something about MMR..
    I blew my OEM 4.6 3v S197 engine last year. I run a supercharger, and it could not handle the horsepower.
    Same day i blew the engine, i emailed MMR, with in days, i had decided to go for a 4.75 stroker engine.
    I live in Norway, and over here i cant even get sparkplugs for it.
    MMR have been excellent with service, technical help, by email, phone, what ever i needed.
    Have also visited there shop a few times, very nice people to talk to. Gave me a tour around the shop.
    Would by a new engine from MMR anytime!

    BTW, my 4.75 stroker with Procharger kicks ass! Awesome engine!
  11. Nothing but good things about MMR from me. My entire motor (minus the block and heads) came from them and not a single hiccup.
  12. I also got the 4.75 stroker rotating assembly and high volume oil pan from them. They don't tell you that it doesn't come with all the parts you need for it. I don't know if you all put your engines together or took it to the shop but a lot of things need to be machined or fabricated. I have had a million headaches from them. I will make the parts I need before I give them another dime!