problems with my tach cel is on

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  1. the car is a 1993 mustang lx 4cyl 5 speed

    alright my tachometers seems to be reading half of what its suppose to and so far the car has never shut down on me.. other than that the car rides fine even on the highway cruising at about 65 70 the tach starts to jump all over the place while the car its still driving smooth, i bought one of those obd1 scanners took it to various shops to get the codes pulled and got the same results 223 and 224 what should i start replacing first any ideas would help coilpack, icm, tps, im out of ideas please need help is my daily driver and only transportation for me and my son and im afraid of one day breaking down on me thanks in advance.
  2. o yeah and it only does this sometime not all the time thanks
  3. Your ECM is dying. had the same thing happen to mine. sending it out to ECM Depot - Welcome to ECM Depot to get fixed. @$200 a pop not cheap. Now I have to stop mine from burning out............
  4. I doubt very seriously it's the ECM

    223 and 224 are common codes for dual plug 2.3s. Most likely culprit is the ignition module mounted on the front of the intake manifold. Otherwise it's coil packs.
  5. thanks for the help guys ill try to switch the coil packs first then the icm cause here in atlanta the cheapest i can find the icm is for 140 bucks and both coils packs run me about 100 ill start there and see what happens thanks again
  6. o yeah another question if i let this problem go on for about two weeks cause thats when i get paid will anything happen to the car like die on me or anything else go bad
  7. The tach and CEL is the dead giveaway on the dual plug cars for the ignition module as previously mentioned.
    Honestly save the money on the coils and get the module, even check with a JY as you may be able to get a used one for a couple bucks.
    No sense blowing $100 on coils that once you plug in you can't return just to blow another $140 on the module....
  8. thanks man ^ i just switched the coil packs today and same problem continued i wished i would of read this earlier lol so ill be getting the icm this friday and well c if that does the trick and if it doesnt where should i go to next
  9. A new ICM will definitely fix it.
    Be sure and rub some heatsink compound on the back of
    the ICM before installation. If you're buying a used ICM,
    autoparts stores sell the heatsink stuff for a couple bucks.
    If ICM is a new one, then it's included in the box.

    Do not install without the compound, because the ICM
    won't last long.......
  10. alright ill do that friday and check back with you guys thanks man
  11. i was able to come across the icm for half price from a buddy at autozone and yall were right that did it so thanks