Problems with new format.

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  1. I tried to post a checklist procedure with 978 words and 6101 characters. I go back a message that said I had posted over 10,000 characters. Until you fix this, I am going to be very limited in what I can do for the folks who come to Stangnet to get help for their Mustangs.
  2. I keep finding more things:
    The title under my avatar is broken or missing. sometimes it shows up with <font color=#a60000>StangNet's favorite TOOL</font and sometimes there's just nothing under it.
    The editor doesn't work well either. The word sometimes gets extra spaces in it. I assure you that I did not add the spaces after the m.
    The old links to the forums and the attachments area don't work. The m is definitely broken.
  3. The problem with the CTs is already known and in work. Hang loose on that one.

    Not sure what you're talking about here.

    I'll have to ask about the character limit thing
  4. 1. CTs - this will be fixed
    2. Char Limit - Removed
    3. Attachments in posts -will b fixed
    4. Forum URLs - If you are talking the primary URLs I may redirect those but those are easy to get to via change of bookmarks - Threads should redirect to new URL of threads.

    Lemme know