Procar seats for a big too small or not

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    I'm thinking of buying some procar scat seats for my 65 coupe. In a description it states that the seats can accomidate up to a 36 inch waist. Well I haven't see a 36 inch waist since 1998. Marriage, good cooking and kids. LOL. Anyway, I'm tipping in at 235lbs, 42 inch waist 5' 10". Some have said that it would be no problem. Others have stated that the procar elites would be better because the side bolsters are not as pronounced. Elites are nice but aren't as tough looking as the scats. Of course the easiest solution is to hit the treadmill and squeeze of a few lbs. Hard to do here in New Orleans with all this great food. Any others out there about the same size and have the seats??? Feedback would be appreciated.


  2. it sounds like the scats are probably too dad has a 36" and he feels a bit snug in my scats...
  3. What about some late model mustang gt seats 70_1.JPG

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  4. I think you'll find them very tight. I'm 5'9" and was up to 220, with a 38 inch waist. The seats fit very nicely, but were getting difficult to get in and out of. The clearance between the thick bolsters on the seatback and the steering wheel made it tricky to get in & out of the car - I found that reclining the seatback before getting in or out of the seats made it a lot easier. The seats were very comfy once you were in them though!

    Your "easiest solution" of dropping a few lbs is what I ended up doing - not just because of the seats though! :D

    I think you'll find the most any aftermarket seat will pose a problem in a 65/66 once you start pushing the 250lb mark.