ProChamber vs X-Pipe vs H-Pipe

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  1. My flowpaths barely drone with LTs. They had ZERO drone when the tailpipes were NOT on...dunno why. When I put the tailpipes on I had a little drone at 1800 rpms.

  2. Good to hear GTJake, I plan on leavin the set-up as cut offs. Have had 3 mustangs, all with chrome tips, and would like something different.
  3. I had flowpaths with the pro-chamber and it was way to quiet so i had to put the 2 chamber flows back on. Yes the flowpaths do drone, at least with my shorties they did. Id use borla or bassani mufflers if i were you. I'm about to go with one of those two or some spintech's of course i'm goin with side exhaust though. I've heard it and it's sweet.
  4. any other votes for borla? :nice: :notnice: :shrug: :bang: :banana:
  5. not to intrude on your post stunner but i have a question that goes with yours.

    im gettin a 95 gt vert and the first thing i want is exhaust that sounds good. so far im hearin the prochamber will sound good but only when i get on it :shrug: if so that would be what im lookin for. also i dont plan on getting headers right away, i plan on puttin a twin setup on the car so i was wondering if the prochambers could bolt right up to the stock headers/manifold and then have exhaust go back with no problems?

    sorry for the stupid questions i just wanted to be sure, so far everyone i know did headers, to xpipe,hpipe etc then exhaust, just wondering if skippin the headers is possible?
  6. I personally love the sound of L/Ts Xpipe and 2 Chambers w/Dumps

    It's what Ill be getting when I get my tranny situation straightened out.
  7. no problem, that's what we're hear for, in this case, they're for

    skippin the header is possible but you will have to get a pipe that will fit them and if you plan on getting l/t later, you will need to switch pipe again, I think that's why a lot would rather do it all in one shot. at least i would

  8. thanks alot man, i figure for now ill just do it all at once and go ahead and get shorties too. i was just talking to a couple of my buddies on my campus with 5.0's and they said even if i want to turbo it later as long as it will be awhile and i want exhaust right away i mine as well do headers and pipe all at once for now(less hassle) and then switch it when i have the cash to put the tt kit on it.

    i will have to say about the soound.... no matter what i get out of the stang it will sure as hell sound better than my civic now HANDS DOWN.
  9. Prochambers are loud but only for a short RPM range. The X pipes SCREAM up top and at idle. If you dont believe me, I'm willing to trade my Prochamber to anyone for an O/R X pipe right now. :)

    Give me an X pipe any day of the year. H pipes (Prochambers included) are just too generic and quiet... :(
  10. i think that overall (the only exception being at wot with a few set-ups) x pipes are quieter than h pipes. and yes, everyone knows that prochambers are quieter than x and h pipes, but x pipes are almost always quieter than h's.
  11. Personally all of the X-pipes i have heard sound like **** they are to high pitched and don't have that deep rumble that i like.
  12. Not to get off topic, but can a Prochamber designed for Mac LT's be used without any fitment problems be used with BBK LT's? If not I'm just gonnagte the BBK O/R h-pipe. $250 is alot for a crossover pipe, hell thats more than the freakin headers.
  13. I guess it depends on the setup, opinion and whatnot. My X pipe was way louder all the way around. Thats not my biased opinion, cuz i'm not biased either way. I was all for the Prochamber and hoping it would blow me away, but it just never did. I love the sound of it but its just not that loud. Almost sounds stock, just a little bit louder. And while the X pipe was higher pitched and not as deep, it still sounded more agressive. But again, maybe thats just me or maybe that was just how I had my car set up.

    PERSONALLY, I just dont like the Prochamber much. If I could do it again, Id get an X pipe in a heartbeat. I may end up doing so anyways and selling my Prochamber.
  14. JTKZ13....I dont know anything about BBK longtubes but all headers should be made to fit the same midpipe. I can't believe you would have a huge problem with fitment to a Prochamber or any other midpipe. If you did, I would guess it would be because of the fitment of the midpipe and not the other way around.
  15. Yours sounded close to stock? Man i dunno how that could be cuz mine rattles the windows on my house. Do you run tailpipes, dumps, or strait out the muffler? Mine was pretty quiet with tailpipes that might be why yours is so quiet but with dumps it's the exact opposite.
  16. In my opinion all H pipes sound stock just louder. But yeah, mine is fairly quiet. Everything is installed correctly and there arent any leaks. Kinda hard to mess up installing exhaust.

    I have stock headers, the Prochamber and American Thunder (Flowmaster) catback. Sounds OKAY but nothing special.
  17. Hmm those stock headers maybe whats making it so quiet. And your runnin tailpipes and yeah it's pretty quiet with those on especially since i'd say your catback has the delta flow 40 series flows and they are way quieter than my original 40 series flows. i had the delta flows and i hated them they were too quiet.
  18. If thats the case then I'll get some louder mufflers
  19. Looks like I do have 40DFs. I have the receipt of the catback from Summit dated 1/28/99 with part# FLO-17212.

    Doing a search, i've found that that part number uses Delta Flow mufflers.

    So this is bad? I knew they were 2 chambered so I figured that the mufflers were loud and it was just the Prochamber that was quiet.
  20. You could try some mac pro dumps for $190 or even get a mac catback $285 I think. Im pretty sure your car would be louder then. Especially if you went with the pro dumps.