ProChamber vs X-Pipe vs H-Pipe

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  1. go with an X or an H, the prochamber builds up too much back pressure from what I have seen on my friends cars.
  2. 1wldgt, you're the first person to say this. anybody else experience this? thanx for the heads up tho
  3. OT: Anyone ever wonder why the major Mustang magazines don't do a comparison between the H, X and Prochamber? They could use a stock/near stock motor and a modded motor and compare the dyno graphs. Seems to me there's plenty of contradicting info on what makes more power, and how much more power.
  4. i know what you mean zenboy99. all the comparisons i've seen either involve a 347 or a blower. that sux.
  5. jmuva44, find some of the original series 40 series mufflers and you won't be saying it's too quiet anymore. Go they sell them.
  6. I'm thinking of going with MAC Flowpath mufflers. Seems everyone who has them likes them and they seem to be plenty loud as well.
  7. Uh i would advise against the Flowpaths they were quiet as hell with my pro-chamber i hated them and that's why i went back with the 2 chambers they are like 2 times louder than the Flowpaths. If you wanna change get rid of the chambered mufflers and get something strait through like Borla, Bassani, or Magnaflow.
  8. jumva44,

    There is no way possible that your car isn't way louder than stock. I think that you don't know what stock sounds like. I have three chambers which are quieter than two chambers with an o/r h-pipe and my car is way way louder than stock. It's not really loud, but way louder than stock. Also, there is no way that anyone can say that there car is quiet b/c they have stock manifolds instead of shorties. If anything, shorties would just make the sound deeper, but not any significant loudness. But I do agree that your prochamber is probably quieter than your or x.
  9. My pro-chamber is louder than the x-pipes i have heard on people cars around here and they all ask me what kind of exhaust i have and i tell them and they're all like i thought the pro-chamber would be quieter well it's not it's louder or at least mine is.
  10. I never said it isnt louder than stock. It definetly is louder than stock. But its not loud. My X pipe was twice as loud and sounded way better than this Prochamber. The sound is quiet and not very different in tone than stock.....just a little louder. X pipe SCREAMED and had such a nice aggressive, shearing sound to it. Gave me chills! Prochamber....nothing, kinda boring and typical.

    306....your car is GOING to be loud cuz it has dumps. I guarantee you put a Prochamber with dumps next to a Bassani with dumps and floor both. The X pipe will drown out the Prochamber by far cuz the X pipe will just scream. I dont know what it is about the X pipe. I could get on my X pipe, stab the throttle and scare the bejesus out of some people. Prochamber....I have to be right next to them, completely floor it and be under and overpass to get their head to turn at all.

    I'm not trying to start a my pipe is better than your pipe war. A lot of people here love their setup and will always give their setup props over someone elses just because it's theirs. Like it or not, thats how 75% of the people here are. Most people hear one or two Mustangs with X pipes getting on the gas mildly and dont hear much so they assume thats all the X pipes have to offer. They are loudest at idle and WOT. I'm not imagining this, I've had both. Then again, I have Delta Flows on now so I'm willing to accept the fact that maybe that is why my Prochamber is so soft sounding. These are just my experiences. I have no reason to be biased either way. I bought the Prochamber hoping it would be better and expecting such great things since everyone praises it all the time. I just havent seen anything all that great about it. Its not THAT loud and its got too typical of a sound for my tastes. At least thats how I see it with MY setup on MY car having actually had and driven both types for a long period of time. :D
  11. That sucks man mine is far from boring i dunno what to tell you accept get some different mufflers.
  12. That sucks man mine is far from boring i dunno what to tell you accept get some different mufflers.
  13. And as far as the Macs not being that loud, they may not be. I have no idea. I'm just going by this that is listed as a sticky here on Stangnet:

    Sound Off in Quietest to Loudest (Decibels):

    1.Borla XS, 80db at idle, 90db at 2,000 rpm, 110db at WOT.
    2.Hooker Maxflow, 80db at idle, 90db at 2,000 rpm, 120db at WOT.
    3.Magnaflow, 82db at idle, 91 at 2,000 rpm, 114db at WOT.
    4.Flowmaster, 82db at idle, 93 at 2,000 rpm, 115db at WOT.
    5.Flowtech Warlock, 83db at idle, 92 at 2,000 rpm, 112db at WOT.
    6.Dynomax UltraFlo, 83db at idle, 94 at 2,000 rpm, 113db at WOT.
    7.Borla XR1, 83db at idle, 96db at 2,000 rpm, 118db at WOT.
    8.Bassani Street, 83db at idle, 96db at 2,000 rpm, 120db at WOT.
    9.Edelbrock RPM, 84db at idle, 93db at 2,000 rpm, 118db at WOT.
    10.Bassani Real Street, 84db at idle, 96db at 2,000 rpm, MAX. (120+db).
    11.Flowtech Afterburner, 86db at idle, 94db at 2,000 rpm, 115db at WOT.
    12.Flowtech Terminator, 86db at idle, 94db at 2,000 rpm, 119db at WOT.
    13.Hooker Aerochamber, 87db at idle, 94db at 2,000 rpm, 114db at WOT.
    14.SpinTech, 87db at idle, 97db at 2,000 rpm, 116db at WOT.
    15.MAC, 87db at idle, 98db at 2,000 rpm, 119db at WOT.
    16.No Muffler, 91db at idle, 103db at 2,000 rpm, MAX. (120+db).

    Its rated as the loudest of all the mufflers that were tested. I'm just assuming that means its loud. Flowmaster is on the quieter side of the list but maybe they used the same mufflers that I currently have...LOL
  14. Hmm well i'd go with number 10 right there.

  15. how could that possibly happen?

    have you ever looked at the inside of a prochamber? the air doesnt move all over in that box...
  16. ok, glad the thread got all this input, opinions, and facts :banana:

    my set up will then consist of the the following:

    MAC L/T
    MAC ProChamber
    Borla XR1 :nice:

    just wanted to let ya'll know that the thread has fulfilled it's purpose. it may rest in peace now. :hail2:

    ps, the flow path is equivalent to 3-chambered flows. Rep at said so. :bang:
  17. haha, that rep lied to you

    the mac are high pitched screamers. and LOUD... one of the best sounding mufflers

    eth 3 chamber is a deep mellow muffler better suited for blower cars trying to keep the noise level down.

    MACs make more power too
  18. ok so then my set-up will change again. i want a loud exhaust but not too loud so

    MAC L/T
    MAC ProChamber
    MAC FlowPath
  19. NO actually the flowpaths are quiet as hell i had them on for like 2 weeks and they were too quiet so i put the 2 chambers back on. I would go with the Borla XR1's the scream when you hit the gas.
  20. ok so then here we go again
    MAC L/T
    MAC ProChamber
    Borla XR1