Procharger D1sc Kit

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  1. I am testing the waters but if the right offer is hit then i'll defiantly sell this kit. little background on the kit, i bought it used first thing i did was send it off to prochager to have the seals checked and everything was fine. Since then i have done a few things to make it a bit better. This kit has the 96-98 bracket but this kit will work fully with a 99+ with the correct bracket.

    First off this is a Procharger D1SC kit, 3 core intercooler with all piping. Upgrades to the kit..
    BGG Performance 8 rib pulleys (this is all the pulleys) Along with a Reichard Racing 2.90 8 rib pulley and 2 8 rib belts. [Total cost was 699.00]
    Procharger Red Top Race by-pass valve (Enclosed) - $415
    AFM Boost Pipe - $240
    Also all a-clamps have been upgraded to tbolt clamps - $200
    Diablosport MAFia - $170
    90MM Blowthru MAF - $250 (may or may not go with the kit depending on the price)

    that is almost $2,000 for upgrades minus shipping and i have reciepts on all of this. I'm looking for around $4,500 for the kit but all offers will be entertained. I can ship it but it would be at buyers expense. Please don't ask me how much it would cost to ship it as i can not get you an exact price. I also have a Snow Performance Stage 2 meth kit which is boost activated along with 2 different jet sizes, for an extra cost i could throw it in as well. Like i said before i do not have to sell the kit but if the right amount is there i will sell the kit. This kit is made to make power, with a smaller pulley it can be used on a stock block but really the kit has been put together to make power and that is what it does.

    I made just over 650 hp on a built block with this kit, i'll post some dyno sheets when i get them emailed to me..

    The video of one of the first start ups with the kit on..

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.