Procharger For 2014 Auto

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  1. I would like your feedback
    What psi boost and your dyno#s ?
    I want 575 to 600 rwhp
    How was the installation im wanting to do it myself.
    Any advantage on were u get one?
  2. I'm running a D-1SC on my 2011 5.0. I run 10lbs of boost on the stock motor. I street tuned it, so I don't have dyno figures, but it should be around 625rwhp on pump 93. I ran 10.89 @ 128 on 19" wheels, and the car gets 23MPG in the city. It's a great combo. I installed it myself with hand tools in one day.
  3. Thank you for the info that sounds like im getting a pro charger what gears do you have. And I saw yours on another page it really looks clean thanks again
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  4. Thanks. I run 3.73 gears.

  5. Wow im sold
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  6. Let me know if you need any help. I could give you some pointers.