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  1. First off hi everyone this is my first post so bare with me I just picked up a slightly used pro charger stage 2 kit everything but the fuel system and tuning upgrades so for the fuel system I was going with the SCT 90mm mass air bbk 300 lph fuel pump Bosch 42lbhr injectors which leaves me with one problem the tune its going straight to the dyno after the install but that's a 4 hr drive is there anyway I could get a preloaded tune to get me there and who would have this any help is greatly appreciated o and BTW its a 03 gt
  2. What programmer does your tuner use?
  3. SCT It will be my first trip there the shop is performance auto sport just outside of Richmond va
  4. Do you have a handheld tuner, if so you can call Bama at AmericanMuscle for a brief safe tune.
  5. Yea but its very old a super chips hand held made in 04 should I get a SCT from american muscle and see if they could per load one for me
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  6. That would be my opinion, if the guys with sct tuners tunes your car, more then likely your current handheld tuner would be pass'e or useless for your car.
  7. I got my startup tune from Justin at VMP Tuning. It cost $100 and you tell him EVERYTHING done to the car. My car ran great on it.
  8. Definitely going to look at vmp the first place I drive the car to will be the performance auto sport for some dyno time I'm going to try and start the build first weekend of 14
  9. Put stock injectors in it, use no boost and you should be fine. Or get a simple mail order tune to get you to the dyno. In reality, the dyno should be last part of the tuning process.
  10. Could the tuner you are taking it to sell you a tuner with a safe tune to get it to him? That's the way I did mine and my tuner knocked a little money off the dyno tune for buying the handheld from him.
  11. I honesty never asked but I'm going to and the used kit I got is for a 99-04 v6 called pro charger with the sn they did tell me the Sc and intercooler are the same as the gt just need some custom piping and to rotate the Sc counterclockwise when mounting but for what I paid can't beet it
  12. I'm with ya on the dyno being last bad part is its a good 4-5 hr drive
  13. A little confused here. A supercharger head unit is either clockwise rotation or counter clockwise rotation and never both. Are you sure you have the right brackets and head unit?
  14. Yea the head units in the v6 and v8 are clocked at 10:00 an both have reverse rotation an will also have the same p1sc an 2 core intercooler the impeller housing will have to be rotated aka clocked along with some piping i have 1700$ in the kit so far will post pics in two weeks when funds allowe for a fuel system upgrade an tune