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  1. I Have Just Finished Installation Of A Procharger Kit on My 2005 GT. I recieved kit # 22 on5/26. I am Not totally impessed with the power gain.Installation was a breeze except for those damn cooling hoses. I really need to get to my local dyno shop to set the car up.
  2. um, if you were using the correct tune, you should be smoking. Come on, given that you find some way to put all that power to the pavement you got a high 11 second car on your hands with a good tune. Get to the Dyno tuner pronto if you havent already today.

    Take some ****ing pictures too! :D

  3. agreed.. I got mine on the floor.. trying to find out more info in the fuel pump upgrade. did you take install pics? did you regap the plugs? can you come over and help me with my install =-D .. haha
  4. the reason you're not that impressed with the power gains is the same reason i wasn't, its that horrible canned predator tune! Get to a dyno shop whos an SCT dealer and get it tuned. It makes more of a difference than you can possibly believe. Heres the link to MY car and was tuned by Jerry (president) of SCT and Brad at livernois motorsports.
    whats not mentioned in the article is that we did end up putting in a new fuel pump (walbro255lph) and seemed to help the fuel situation.
    also heres my car
  5. that link from blkgt05 is killer information. i had already planned on using sct tunes, but this proves that sct is on top of the game for the 05. my local dyno tuner uses sct and gave me some information about sct when i talked to him about the 05 gt. i am glad that people are putting this extra information out to everyone.
  6. well jerry used my car to get the codes so that they could start making the tunes available to others who have the procharger. it was kind of cool to have the first procharged 05 tuned by the master of tuning himself! Like I said before the difference between the predator tune and the SCT tune is literally night and day. part throttle driveability and overall feel is so much better than it was with the procharger supplied tune.
  7. where is nick from diablo?? I have a procharger on my floor and I dont want to pay another $400 for another tunner =-/ ...
  8. well sorry to tell you this but you are not going to see the results you want with the predator. thats just the unfortunate bottom line. they gave the predator a chance while tuning. But they just don't have the same grasp on this car that SCT has.
  9. Did you get this done in San Diego ?

    Fred :flag:
  10. no this was done at livernois motorsports in detroit
  11. You could always sell the predator here to someone. You would still lose a few bucks but it wouldn't be that $400.00 now.
  12. Yea.. but I couldnt sell a dime bag to a crack hore. I heard ait is adding the new fuel pumps in.. if so then maybe the tunes wont be as bad as its set out to be.. even the people with the sct did the upgraded fuel pump..
  13. I mentioned before that i wasnt all that impressed with my procharged car. I went to the strip on friday and the best i could run was a [email protected] mph. This was on drag radials, I spun first the whole way. My 2.2 60 ft times show that. Why would procharger use diablo if it sucked? arent they all about the biggest power gains? My car also tipped the scales @ 4000 lbs with me in it.
  14. trust me just read that article on modular depot I posted above. and you'll see why the predator is not up to the challenge. why procharger used the predator? I still don't know..
    12.9?? ouch, I haven't been to the track yet, but If I were you I'd be on the phone to ATI telling them thats what you ran, and with drag radials!
    they're claiming this a mid 11 second at about 120mph car with their kit.
  15. Just sounds like you need to practice if you "spun first the whole way".

    Also, lay off the doughnuts. :)
  16. I did read the article about the SCT software. Sounds Intresting. There is a local shop that uses it. Ill Have to call. Also, my MPH seems low @112. Even if I totally sucked at launching, my Mph is no where near what ATI claims 118 MPH. Something just aint right, not for $4500. And I like beer, not donuts!!
  17. You seriously need more experience driving your car, just because you cant get what ATI advertises doesnt mean you can lay the blame on them. Blame yourself, its obvious that you cant drive this car now since you are spinning your tires all the way through 1st.

    Sorry for "ranting" but ignorance is not an excuse.

  18. in his defense though even if spinning all through first his trap speed should still be higher unless you babied it through the rest of the gears.
  19. well I kicked down the moeny for an SCT2.. I pm jerry with questions.. but I'm still raw on any of this. never had a tuner before now I'm stuck with 2.. haha.. I had the sct2 popped in on sunday and it got me another 14-15hp without cia and the sc is still off till I can get asi to kick down the fuel pump.. does anyone else know where to get the ati tune for sct2? or how does someone tuen the A/F? does the tech use the hand held or do they need to use some software to do it? The tech just downloaded a tune and loaded it.. but thats not a custom tune.. help =-/

    what do I do?? ='-(