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  1. Trap speed is very much affected by traction, so until he learns to drive it correctly you cannot read much into that. 112 actually seems pretty decent to me -- isn't that about 12 mph faster than bone stock? Not bad at all for just slapping on a blower, if you ask me...

  2. how can you make a claim like that? just look at the graphs in the article and you can see that the stock pump is definitely not up to the job, unless you're running very low boost levels
  3. Try new injectors.

  4. the kit comes with new injectors, injectors alone will not suffice if the pump is not up to par. even with the new injectors and pump, I still need new lines and/or new fuel rails.
  5. I cant stop spinning in first because the car has way more motherf***ing power than a standard GT. It just doesnt feel like it should. Diablos tune absolutely sucks. Almost as bad as getting stuck with an automatic slush box. Im sure you have no problems with traction, laying down that big 266 HP.
  6. Ever hear of the comment "A bad worker blames his tools"? A good driver with experience will know how to put that power to good use and not spin out through 1st.

    Wow, you are jerk talking trash about a Mustang even if it is automatically controlled.

    Perhaps you should get some skill driving your car first and then start talking trash little boy.

  7. Bollox mate.

    Poor track prep and with a torquey V8 it can be still be easy for a good driver to get it wrong. And as you arn't claiming award winning ET's maybe lay off the geezer a bit and give em the benefit of the doubt! :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  8. Does it have any simptoms? Such as feeling as if its holding back, flat spots.

    Does it accelarate better at say 70% throttle rather than at WOT?

    A slightly different occasion, but when I upgraded the cam and carb on my TR7 I had major problems with it. It judt didn't pull as it should, apart from that it ran fine for normal use. I had also upgraded the fuel pump so I didn't think it would be a fuel problem but sure enough it was.

    I relocted the pump to the engine bay instead of at the tank and increased all the fuel pipe from drinking straw to 3/8" and WOW it made more difference to performance than it did from swapping the 2.0 litre four out for the V8 in the first place.

    Never under estimate the importance of fuel flow, the stock pump may be good, but you have potentially exceeded its design use by 50%, and as this has been a problem area on previous 4.6's I would certainly look into changing plus getting a FULL rolling road tune to see how everything else is.

    Remember the PEAK numbers from a dyno are not really important it is how it produces them that is.
  9. :lol:
    That made it worthwhile logging in today! Been too many years since I've heard that expression.
  10. Good luck dumping that car with that auto in a couple of years. Boy, I hope you didnt order an auto, must've took what you could get. Thats a long list of sweet mods. If I add up eveything I've done to my Bike and my Cars, Icould probably have made the dealers day and took an auto off their hands. Relax, any 16 year old chick would be proud to own your car "with the color body accents and The $7 quarts of oil". Jealousy will get you nowhere fast, just like your auto.
  11. The only bad thing about putting a blower on my 2005 automobile (an wheels,and a suspension,and exhaust,headers) is that Im just about out of stuff to do. Considering the car only has 1470 miles on it, maybe I should drive it more. Oh weel time for a new project car. Any suggestions???
  12. :rlaugh: :lol:

    Cause ya know, I really need a manual transmission to enjoy my 05 Mustang GT.

    Im quite fine driving around in my auto as a 22 year old man with a job who doesnt get off by having to go around saying to others that they are the equivilent of a 16 year old chick because they made the choice to not have to shift their gears 24/7.

    If I wanted to ever sell my car Im sure somebody wont mind a 5 speed automatic (first ever in a mustang) that is just as fast if not faster than a manual, given the driver of course.

    I wish you a nice day.

  13. That auto puts down about 20 hp less on the ground than a manual. You should be able to chew up all kinds of Hondas and SUVs and the like.
  14. Good luck on that sale. Did you ever hear of an automatic Cobra? Or ZO6? Or Viper? These are performance cars.People DRIVE them. Not sit with both hands on the wheel and go from point A-B.
  15. I agree, but there is more to it than that.

    No matter how good you are an auto box can & will change gear quicker than a human - FACT.

    What an auto box can not do is allow the driver total control over which gear they want to be in, so for road, circuit, hill sprint and the such a manual is always going to be the better option. As you can change gear up or down when you want and not have to weight for the auto box to decide (even if you try manually shifting it, it still won't change unless it wants to!).

    This then allows a driver to engine break and balance the car with the throttle. You can literally steer the car with the throttle pedal, which is indeed how the classic 50's and 60's racers used to get that loverly drifting stlye of cornering, and how ALL rally cars are driven.

    BUT, and its a big but

    Most people (and it appears to be a lot from America for lots of reasons, big roads, striaght roads, lazy V8 engines and such) are not the best drivers out there and will find a manual gear box a lot more difficult to drive quickly and consistantly and in addition thus having full control of the gears is of little importance to them. For drag racing in a moderatly quick road car and auto box is ideal for many people as all you have to do is stomp on the loud pedal and let the car do the rest. Hence the phase often used for auto's
    "Squirt and go!"

    This does however mean that at the 1/4 mile autos are usually very consistant and even though they have less rwhp they will shift faster allowing them to be as fast most of the time.

    The key thing is NEITHER IS BETTER, just different. Ultimatley if a driver is good enough and the gear linkage slick enough then the manual car should be slightly faster. But the new auto box has 5 gears now so its in gear accelaration will be similar to the manual and it will still change gear quicker, it is only the lost power from the torque comverter that really prevents them being faster.

    However this is all academic, as there are many different kinds of gearbox out there, race cars (not drag) all use sequential boxes. This are manual but do not always require the clutch to be used and allow faster gearshifts than even an autobox. But they still have drawbacks hence only a few road going cars use them.

    CVT (constant velocity drives) sound very impressive, however the only ones in production are very weak and are only used on small bhp engines. But the theory goes that they have a constantly adjusting ratio so the engine revs will remain at its peak out put rather than reving through the entire rev range. Meaning the car will be producing the most power it can all the time and only the gear ratio increases propelling the car forward. On a torquey V8 or even a diesel this could make for a very fast car.

    An easy way to picture this is to imagine 2 cones, one upside down and one the right way up which are joined via a belt around the narrow end of each cone, the cones would rotate at a set rpm via the engine but would move inwards forcing the belt to the wider section of the cones thus increasing the gearing while retaining a constant velocity.
  16. Quote "That auto puts down about 20 hp less on the ground than a manual. You should be able to chew up all kinds of Hondas and SUVs and the like. "

    Quote "Jealousy will get you nowhere fast, just like your auto."

    Sounds like insecurity issues here.
  17. ...or a blown 05 GT with a club-footed clown behind the wheel. :rlaugh:

    Way to make friends - diss 1/2 the population on the board. Give your head a shake and see if you can get those two brain-cells of yours to hook-up and allow you to post some sense.

    You may have s/c'd your car, and have a manly stick tranny, but next time you're at the track, try taking the parking-brake off!

  18. The calibrations in the Procharger Predator are created for safe daily driver applications. We have made excellent power and have proven track times on these applications.

    The Procharger system utilizes a blow through MAF set up; this and the inlet design create a need for tune adjustment in some vehicles. All of which is easily done with the Predator programmer. As per the instructions in the Procharger kit, install the supercharger kit and calibration, drive the vehicle and monitor short term fuel trims to find where the MAF curve adjustment needs to be made. The Procharger instructions will give a more detailed explanation of this process.

    Tune changes made by others involve timing and fuel curves, along with a commanded A/F ratio. The calibration changes alone are not going to make the difference if the vehicle is properly set up in the first place and the MAF curve is adjusted as per the vehicles needs.

    DiabloSport can not be there to set up each vehicle, we can only supply the tools needed to make the proper changes. Predator does all these things and with out the use of a laptop, or a visit to a dealer.

    Now for the hottest tune you can safely run on the street, and for additional boost applications, visit a DiabloSport CMR dyno tuning dealer. There is no substitute for dyno time, and to maximize power and safety it’s the only way to go. If you don’t have access or the money to spend on this then follow the instructions and run the Predator calibrations supplied.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport Sales Manager
    [email protected]
  19. In my defense of purchasing an Auto equiped Mustang (a real man's performance car :D ), I promised myself that if Ford stuck a 5 speed auto in it and it performed well that I would own it. If only a 4 speed was offered there would have been no way that I would enjoy that car then knowing that others have a whole 'nother gear over me. I would have had fun shifting that box about 50% of my overall driving time. I drive a lot and I dont always want to drive like a "real man with his stick".

    Since getting the below posted mods installed I have been more friendly to the idea of manually shifting my auto (since all 5 gears are currently selectable). Downshifting allows the engine to brake going through the corners and I have complete control over my car just the same if I owned a manual. There's just no clutch involved and Im happy with that. I get the best of both worlds because its not every day that I want to play around and I just need to focus on the traffic ahead and around me.

    Do I care if I get called a 16 chick for owning such a vehicle with above and below mentioned transmission, no, not at all. If my car and my reaction time are faster than the competition your silly poopoo talk about the auto becomes useless and you've just been :owned: .

    BTW, your thread has been hijacked. :notnice: