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  1. Sorry man....but that was one of the lamest posts in your definetely didn't "own" anyone! hahaha sorry....I'm actually sitting here laughing at your futile attempts to justify buying an auto. Anyways, if you really like the auto, or dislike the standards, just say it! No need to get defensive. I'll even go out on a limb here and say that in certian cars I would rather have an automatic....such as a Porsche Turbo Convert....but thats just because they are pimp.
  2. You are silly too. I love my auto. I think I have posted enough that I do love my auto and dont mind a standard since I just posted that I would have ordered one.

    The ownage goes to any 05 GT manually equipped vehicle that comes out slower car in a drag that get beats by a "little girl's auto", not you or anyone else on this board or internet thingy.

    There are better things to care about, not one man's choice of transmission.

  3. TTP-

    The calibrations in the Procharger Predator are created for safe daily driver applications. We have made excellent power and have proven track times on these applications.

    The Procharger system utilizes a blow through MAF set up; this and the inlet design create a need for tune adjustment in some vehicles. All of which is easily done with the Predator programmer. As per the instructions in the Procharger kit, install the supercharger kit and calibration, drive the vehicle and monitor short term fuel trims to find where the MAF curve adjustment needs to be made. The Procharger instructions will give a more detailed explanation of this process.

    Tune changes made by others involve timing and fuel curves, along with a commanded A/F ratio. The calibration changes alone are not going to make the difference if the vehicle is properly set up in the first place and the MAF curve is adjusted as per the vehicles needs.

    DiabloSport can not be there to set up each vehicle, we can only supply the tools needed to make the proper changes. Predator does all these things and with out the use of a laptop, or a visit to a dealer.

    Now for the hottest tune you can safely run on the street, and for additional boost applications, visit a DiabloSport CMR dyno tuning dealer. There is no substitute for dyno time, and to maximize power and safety it’s the only way to go. If you don’t have access or the money to spend on this then follow the instructions and run the Predator calibrations supplied.

    Nick Spinelli
    DiabloSport Sales Manager
    [email protected]
  4. Life is like a S**t sandwich. The more bread you've got the less S**t you have to eat. End of argument.
  5. This Is a thread about A blower that I was one of the first people in the US to receive. You dont belong in here making your comments. Have fun making your car payments and keep dreaming about actually modifying your turkey.
  6. As Some one who has owned 28 cars and currently owns a 1994 Acura NSX my 05 Gt, Blown of course, and numerous bikes I have never owned an Auto. Ive also never owned a single Chrysler product. And any real car enthusiast would know why.
  7. Nick, I really appreciate your showing interest in a customers complaint. The car doesnt feel that inpressive during normal driving conditions. I completely beleive this is due to the tune. The article I read on Modular Depots website about using the SCT tune for a ProCharged mustang Totally makes sense. Its very technical, But something about the spark advance missing during low RPM? Also an A/F ratio of 15:1 at 3500 RPM? this doesnt seem very safe for the motor. If you could please read the article I would appreciate any return reply. I definitely dont want to trade my diablo out for another company tune. I already paid for one. Any updates available?
  8. My track time might have sucked but there was also a Lamborghini Mercialago down there in the low 13's. I smoked him. Guess he cant launch it either. Let me catch you on the highway, Mic. You will really need to lower that car then. Seriously. Springs: $250. 2 Hrs labor. Not having to get stuck with a slushbox? Priceless.
  9. D'Oh! And I thought you were done with me with one post. This post is like a bad sequel - "The Moron II, Stupidity Unfettered".

    Nice attempt at a racial slur. Wrong country though, idiot.

    Keep up the good work - as long slack-jawed droolers like your good self

    A) can't drive
    B) can't write
    C) use transmission as a surrogate for manhood
    D) use lame excuses for not being able to drive

    the rest of us will continue to look so much better. :rlaugh:

    Later, Tootsie Roll.

    (I feel the approach of the mods...)
  10. Already lowered, but that's by and by.

    I'd love to race you, but only with a fair matchup - I'll drive the wife's Expedition, with me, her, the 4 kids and our golf clubs in it, towing my Mustang.

    In reverse.

    If I only beat you by a 1/2, we can call it a tie, no? :rlaugh:
  11. What import mag did you find those wheels? Tell your wifeI got $7500 on that Dinosaur.
  12. What kit did you purchase? There are 3 choices
  13. Pimp My Ride Wheels, Cans and Decals.
  14. Well, at the time when I ordered it,there was only one available. Mine has the 3 row intercooler, p1sc1 blower. its the 9 psi kit.
  15. this is pretty pathetic actually... your all grown men shut the **** up. what do you think by making some comment and killing someone else, your gonna seem cool to all the other people on the board? :shrug:

    boo to all of you arguing :notnice:

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  16. :lol:

    you're right...but you had to join in, though, eh...
  17. not really, just thought maybe i can end this crap and get back to what the thread was meant for
  18. Hmm... would anyone go for a Procharger kit with a Pre Tuned SCT Tuner?
  19. Yeah, 'cept 30 minutes before you chimed in, it WAS back on track, Dad.

    Fart, I'd be inclined to go for the custom tune, if I was coughing up that much for the s/c. As good as any canned tune is, nothing's going to marry the blower to your car like a good custom tune.

    Just my .02.
  20. Mike won the battle ;)