Procharger Installed On 2012 5.0

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  1. Hey everyone, I am new to the forums but I figured I would start out with posting some pics of the procharger kit I just installed on my mustang and answer any questions people might have. 1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg

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  2. Looks good! I was debating between the procharger or a roush. Everyone I spoke to had all good things to say about the PC. Is that the stage 2? How is noise does it have a nice whine to it?
  3. I love it! It's the stage 2 running 7.5 psi. The noise is awesome, when the hood is popped you can't even talk in front of the car it's so loud. When you shut the good it still sounds great. If you have a loud exhaust you won't hear it as much though. I took my off-road xpipe off so I could hear it better.
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  4. I love the ProCharger D-1SC Stage 2 on my 2011 5.0! I'm at 10psi and loving it!

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  5. Looks great! All the clips I seen on youtube the PC's are pretty loud! I like the fact I can use my factory brace still too
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  6. Dang you guys are making me jealous now
  7. Join the ProCharger club! You won't regret it!!
  8. I'm broke! Lol. Gotta wait few more years till it's paid off.
  9. Does installing a Procharger void the factory warranty? I was told that the Roush will not as long as it's installed by a 'Ford tech.' I'd love to put a supercharger on as it's an easy, although not cheap, way to bolt on a bunch of power.
  10. Adding a TUNE voids the warranty, so yep, the ProCharger does too.
  11. I have 2014. Gt auto
    I am loking at the pro charger and thiking of installing it myself any info or tips are welcomed
    Do either of you have dyno #s ?
    Did you install it youself
    Sharad are u running stock internals?
  12. Yessir, and I just replied to your thread. I love the ProCharger! :)
  13. I installed my kit by myself in my garage over a weekend. It was very easy and was put on with basic hand tools and a dremel with a bunch of cut off wheels. What I did was take everything off the car one day and started fresh with the install the next day. I have the gt/cs lower facia that had to be cut in a million pieces. The fog lights are no longer in the bumper and it still seems to not fit like factory but is still good. I am running stock internals on 7.5 psi, but they say you can go up to 10psi on stock internals. I ended up putting down 517rwhp on an AWD dyno that reads low. A buddy of mine with the same set up put down 540rwhp on a different dyno. Also if you are considering a polished set up, just buy the satin finish and polish it yourself with mothers to save some money.
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