procharger on e-bay for the V-6

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  1. Well it looks like the 11psi kit is $3395.. I will wait for Powerhouse to complete his kit and see how well he does.. I have alot of confidence in Powerhouse.. But there is nothing on this planet, that will stop me from getting this procharger with 11psi if things dont turn out well with Powerhouses setup..

    I m pretty much set guys.. I dont know about you, but I am extrememly happy with the Procharger kit and HP gains, and price..

    Hopefully, powerhouses kit will be able to match or beat the performance level of the Procharger kit...

    Put it this way.. I will be supercharged or turbo charged by christmas...
  2. The 11psi kit isn't really cheaper it's more .. if you look the injectors and the Diablo tuner and the spark plugs that are part of the 8psi kit are listed as "Optional" with the 11lb kit..

    Meaning .. 3395 for the SC .. 400 for the Diablo sport ... mebbe I dunno 30 for the spark plugs .. a couple hundred or so for the Injectors .. (cus this stuf isn't really OPTIONAL you need this stuff)

    and your well over 4000 .. the bigger kit is called the "Tuner kit" Meaning it's not all inclusive they expect you to pick and choose what parts you add to complete the kit and they most likely don't warranty it at that point. Because they have not tested and approved all the parts going in.

    Then you have to Dyno tune the whole thing and have a custom tune made for whatever programmer you are using at whatever rate your particular shop charges. That puts you probably well over 5k ..

    I am not trying to stomp your dreams just point out reality.

  3. Yes Jenn and I discussed these discrepencies earlier.. You have crushed me Chris.. LOL!! My dreams are done.. :D

    Actually, you do understand that my true point of happiness is complete at 300RWHP.. So actually, I could just get the Zex kit and call it a day.. I'm not picky.. LOL!! But seriously, I will wait for Powerhouse to get the turbo kit done and tested before any decisions are made.. But overall guys, we have lots of choices.. Choices are all I ask for.. Sorry you have not made an impact with your carefully thought out response to my post.. LOL!! Dude I dont give a sH$# how much it cost.. When I'm ready to buy, its a done deal.. LOL!! :nice:
  4. Yea me too .. I actually think the 8psi jammy will make me quite happy I mean thats more power then I will ever use on the street .. I just have to figure out where to get the 3700 bucks from .. guess I will start putting some money away every paycheck :)

    But I am glad you have 6000 bucks burning a hole in your pocket waiting to be spent .. your a better man then I am .. poor bastard I am indeed..

  5. If I spent 6K, it would be for a crate motor... Common sense states that I keep this venture to around $3500.. Any more than that, and I'm trading in the 6.. Its only common sense Chris.. Actually, over the course of time, we may see that a 100 to 175 shot is the smartest investment overall.. When it all boils down to reality, I dont see how anything can be truley justified over Nitrous kit, which does not constantly take a toll on the engine on a dailey basis.. Its there when you need it, and can be turned off..

    Lets see.. We spend 4K on some type of induction.. Someone else spends 600 for nitrous.. On the Dyno, it does not care how the power is sent to the rear wheels.. It just sees a number.. So does the 1/4 mile.. How can we all truley justify anything else, knowing what we know about the 4.0 engines response to Nitrous..

    This is the debate.. Think of how many upgrades which can be performed along with the nitrous with 4K..
  6. LOL.. .and the gavel drops on another MSP dream (for a bit). :( Thanks for backin' me up on that Chris. The 8psi KIT would be the way to go. LOL... and is about as much as you are going to want to try on the stock engine/rear end.

    So, we again wait.... :) No problem, by the time all these a worked through, my warrenty will be up and then I will be ready to give them a try. They will be have ahd more track/DD tested for real world situations.