Procharger P1sc Vs. Kb 2.1

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  1. The car wouldn't be a track car. It would solely be a DD street car.
  2. tank_567

    Eaton supercharged (non-intercooled) > 336 rwhp, 338 rwtq


    I got more trap speed per horsepower than anyone of those vids. Therefore, Eaton > *.

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  3. I wish I could supercharge my GT...:cry:
    Btw Procharger is also on my list for a power adder. Of course that will only happen whenever I get done with college and get a real job...
  4. Im in the same boat you are.....I just happened to get hit by a drunk driver who tried to flee and I also have a family loaded with attorneys :banana:
  5. Well that certainly helps a lot. Good luck man and glad you are ok.
  6. I'm in college..... I wanted a power adder.

    So I worked all summer, Dumped my GF, and took at the money and bought a kenne bell.

    Kenne Bell>B*tch GF.
  7. Pics of said GF for accurate deliberation on said events.
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  8. exactly the pic i was gonna post lol
  9. I ran 12.3 at 115 over the weekend with a 2.0 60 ft. Lots more left in it with better tires and more timing. Car was hot when I ran the 12.3

  10. Check out the run. Notice the one wheel action. Limited Slip is worn out
  11. Nice Kill. I bet the ZL1 Owner was like WTF!?!?!
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  12. What DA were you running in? And how much power does your car make on the dyno?
  13. Not sure what the DA was but the elevation is 2300' and temp was 72°F. Intake air temp was 120°F. Also checked the outside temp on the supercharger with a laser pyrometer and it was 169°F. Car was hot and down on power. Not sure on HP never had it on a dyno. I just tune with Air to Fuel gauge and data logging. I know in cold weather it leans out and injectors are maxed out as well as fuel pump at 5500 rpms and 52 psi fuel pressure. Comes out to about 450 RWHP but wont know for sure until I get it on the dyno.
  14. Jesus ZL1's are such a huge disappointment :nonono:

    Anyways, I think Im going to go with the Procharger. Just a quick question regarding the BOV, what are the pros/cons of running an open BOV? I love that "whoosh" sound on decel.
  15. There are really no Pros to it, well I guess the sound is a pro, but the Cons are boost leak between shifts and stuff might get into the intake piping.

  16. The car in video didn't seem to pull hard at all.
  17. if you have no asperations for going to the track, i would go KB. my car feels like it has a big block in it. the low end torque is awesome, before i added the cams, on the dyno it made 390 w/ 435 ft lb tq. i was able to break it loose in 4th w/ 4.1o's when it was cool enough out side. even on the track my best time was 12.6 on *hitty sumitomo street tires. Its a lot of fun. My only advise is dont trust a kits tune. if you add any power adder what so ever, get it dyno tuned. otherwise your jeopordizing your bottom end.
  18. I agree with usaf_branham. I know if I had the anything other than a twin screw I would not be satisfied. Maybe try to drive or ride in one of each first. I rode in a few Centrifugal supercharged cars that put down good numbers but felt slow almost like a bolt on NA car. If your going to throw down $5000 go with the kenne bell. Just my opinion. If you have a built bottom end and more coin there is the 2.6 or 2.8H
    No matter what if your bottom end is stock you can only make so much power and the kenne bell is a lot more usable power. I don't think any one would disagree with that, Shelby use them to make 1000 hp. And BTW if you decide to do cams on a 2.1 there is only one that will not cause issues with cylinder #5