Procharger P1sc Vs. Kb 2.1

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  1. ... Im sorry, but spinning your tires on the street is not cool, yeah I may not blow the tires off in every gear, but after that turbo spools I don't put car lengths, I put bus lengths on people.

    BTW call me when a stock bottom-end 4.6 SOHC KB car with stock heads and cams, tubby vert does low 11s on street tires. Thanks.

    EDIT: Great choice with the Procharger. Almost ordered one before going with the turbo :)
  2. How short are theses bus lengths :nice:? No, they're all great I just like the feel the Kenne Bell compared to other power adders, they are more enjoyable to drive to me. Plus, I would think that they would be a bit more user friendly. Whatever he gets will be fine. Both are good, for me the twin screw is the way to go. BTW I had a NOS 98 GT that ran 11's and that car sucked compared to my Kenne Bell.
  3. My Kenne Bell Hauls A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$ A$$
  4. -Just throwing out a feeler, what would SN do.....

    Option A:
    -supercharge an immaculate 2002 GT w/ 80K miles with full bolt-ons/gears for around 360-390rwhp

    Option B:
    -use the same amount of money (to supercharge the GT) and trade in GT for a stock 2006 LS2 GTO w/ 56K miles.

    What would SN do? Op A or op B?
  5. Why would you supercharge a car just to trade it in? The kit is worth more by itself than what it's worth installed. :shrug:
  6. Not what he was asking. He was asking what we'd do with the money. Buy a GTO or supercharge the mustang? Which is a weird question for a Mustang forum. I would supercharge the mustang with a KB not a procharger unless it going to be a race car but even then the KB is a good option.

    The GTOs are nice but need to be modded just like the mustang to be fast. Its all about personal preference. I like the mustangs better. I have a few friends with GTOs and I'm always the fastest and funnest car out of the group (5 to 6 modded mustangs and 3 or 4 modded LS1 to LS6 cars) One of the LS cars is close but has a ton of money into his N/A setup with bad street manners.
  7. I meant that I would take the money that would pay for the blower setup and put it towards another car.

    Anyway, I decided to keep the Mustang.
  8. Boost leak really doesn't apply to an auto though correct? Since you're never really taking your foot off the gas s you accel (the TB never really closes) then the BOV never really engages.....right?
  9. Yeah you should be fine, I know a ton of people with GNs and most of them dont even run BOV on there setups.
  10. Considering going another route......On3 2nd gen turbo. I can basically get the entire basic kit with the tubular suspension, upgraded turbo, upgraded wastegate/BOV, and fuel system for less than what a KB or Procharger kit would cost. I've done a lot of research the last week or so and the reviews seem to be around 90% positive and 10% negative with the most common negative feedback having to do with the piping. I would have the entire hot side coated so that should help with the tubing quality/reliability.

    Any other feedback on the On3 forward facing kits?
  11. Dude, if you knew the problems my buddy has had with On3 Customer service and On3 :poo:ty parts, you would stick with the Supercharger.

    Want reliability? Stick with the Blower.
  12. Well like I said, I did come across a guy or two who had issues but the vast majority of people running the kit had nothing but good things to say about it. I also wouldn't be going through On3 themselves but a distributor (like PAS), so I would be dealing with them for any customer service.

    BTW, what kit is your buddy running? The 1st or 2nd gen kit? Their new 2nd gen kit seems to be a lot better quality/fitment.
  13. My buddy has issues with all the cheap stuff..... The stuff breaks and is all chinese junk.
    They lie about their injectors
    The Turbos are cheap chinese knockoffs
    The BOV is Knockoff.

    Just giving an example
  14. I will say this.... When buying a HUGE power adder kit like this, you want customer service on your side because things do go wrong.

  15. You get a small K&N filter with a 1 1/2 or so mounting flange and put it on the BOV to keep things from going back into the intake and a 1 1/2 or so pipe cap from Home depot to put over the nipple on the intake. You will never get anything in the intake. And I have never heard of boost leak between shifts. Why would you lift between shifts if you are racing anyways? And even if you have the BOV connected it is going back in before the supercharger so.....
  16. Well I pulled the trigger.

    Procharger kit w/ D1SC (polished)
    Mishimoto 3-core IC
    FRPP 42# injectors
    KB BAP
    Diablosport MAFia
    Anderson powerpipe
    Boost gauge w/ wiring
    other misc parts
    I got a ridiculous deal on it :burnout:
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  17. Nice! You are gonna love it! I promise, you will not be able to wipe the smile off your face for months.
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  18. so you got the turbo kit?
  19. No I got a procharger D1 kit with all the supporting mods. Price was too good to pass up.