Engine Procharger Vs Roush??

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  1. Hi everyone, looking to put a supercharger on not sure which one will work best for me. Car is not a daily driver 6 speed put in 3:73's added an airraid intake and Bama tune. Car runs really good but instead of throwing money into different add ons all the time I'm just going to go the supercharger route. Looking into a procharger stage 2 or the roush stage 3 675 hp. I know they are different styles, heard good things about both! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. I looooooove the ProCharger on my 2011 5.0. I ran 10s at the dragstrip last week and hauled butt around Sebring Intl. Raceway this week. It's smooth and drivable, but FAST. A TVS on a manual trans with 3.73s would be a drift machine.
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  3. how was the Sebring adventure? Bet it was a blast
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  4. Thanks for the reply, how is the sound,does it have a nice whine to it?
  5. It was a lot of fun! Kinda like driving in the rain. :D Really needed slicks, but the Powers That Be determined that I should run on the street tires which were provided for the magazine project. So it was a little like Formula Drift!

    I think it sounds like sex, but here's the first startup vid-

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  6. Awesome!!! Sounds great! Nice driving skills too- like the fact I can still use my factory strut tower brace with this setup. That's for the reply's think I going to get the procharger. Did you have a speed shop put it in?
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  7. I installed it at home with hand tools in an afternoon. :nice: