Procomp alum heads

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  1. Got these heads from a friend for cheap. Heads are NEW WITH 500 MILES BUT were run with wrong pushrods and the guides and 6 valves shot. 2.02/1.60 valves. Make offer. i think he paid 800 new for these.

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  2. heads

    will you do any trading?
  3. ya

    what kind of stuff you looking to trade?
  4. i've got a NOS 175hp dry kit with bottle,a Jet chip,5"silver autometer tach w/shift lite,3500 stall for c-4,c-6 with shift kit and 1800 stall,stock EFI intake,E-7's with comp cams springs,locks,and retainers,50,000volt HEI distributor for 5.0,probably more if i thought harder.
  5. ok

    Do you have any injectors? Looking for 36lb or larger with mass air meter. The NOS dry kits has potential though.
  6. no injectors,i will trade the NOS for the heads though.
  7. Was the kit installed Is everything included? What brand?
  8. used only a couple times,when i got it filled the guy got alot of air in the tank,after that i started doing other things with the car,so i never even filled the bottle again.everything is included.
  9. NOS is the brand
  10. ?:shrug:
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