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  1. Hi, so I've searched high and low and can't find an answer (in any recent times anyway) to this question, so I'm going to re ask it...
    I'm looking for detials on a 1993 GT Convertible. It's Royal Blue, with titanium lower, white top, opal gray interior and a 5 speed. All original. Does the info exist to find out how many of this specific make up were produced??
  2. Get the Marti report
  3. Yeah, Marti is really the only way to get specific numbers, they bought all the old production number information from Ford years ago.

    You got to pay a small fee, but their numbers are accurate.
  4. Only the 'standard' and 'deluxe' Marti reports are available for 1993 models and neither will tell you what you want to know.
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  5. That's interesting, I didn't know that.
  6. 1 of 233 according to that first link. I hope yours is in better shape than mine. I just picked up a royal blue lx hatchback that needs a complete body restoration. All the numbers match and it appears to be mostly original, but it's high mileage, and it shows.
  7. To be more specific about what a Marti report will and will not tell you...

    First, standard reports don't give you any 'stats'. They will only decode your VIN and door tag codes, tell you the ordering dealer number but not the name, the list of equipment/options, and if your car was built behind or ahead of schedule or on time. If you want production stats you have to go with a deluxe report, elite report, or personal stats report.

    A deluxe report tells you everything a standard report does and also the ordering dealer name, several dates (order received, VIN assigned, bucked, scheduled build, actual build, released, sold), 5 stats (paint, paint and trim, engine and transmission, DSO, and one random option), and an image of your original door tag. Each of the 5 stats DO NOT have any relation to the others, except of course the paint and trim stat is a portion of the paint stat. In other words, a deluxe Marti report will tell you haw many Royal Blue 1993 GT convertibles with Titanium trim were made but it will not tell you how many Royal Blue 1993 GT convertibles with Titanium trim AND a white top AND a 5-speed were made.

    Personal stats report will tell you how made were made just like yours, starring with # of Mustangs that year, then same body as yours, then same model, then same engine, same transmission, paint, trim, and finally option(s). Each stat is a portion of the one before it, unlike the deluxe report. Personal stats reports are not available for 1993.

    An elite report is a deluxe report, personal stats report, reproduction door tag, and reproduction window sticker, all matted and framed. Elite report is not available for 1993.
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  8. Thanks, so I bought the car... and it's great!!! I feel confident it's all original, and have done most of the decoding, etc. Myself. I just went to the Marti page and thought that I was understanding what FoxChassis confirmed. So, then, can I assume the info for the 93 that I want is not available? Because I want to know the specifics on my car. Not, just how many 5 speeds total were produced, etc.
  9. Here is what you get on a Deluxe report.
    The statistics box is the good stuff!

    marti report.JPG
  10. What All Stock93 posted is what you will get with a deluxe report. In other words, it will tell you how many 1993 GT convertibles were painted Royal Blue Clearcoat Metallic paint and had an Opal Grey interior (you didn't say cloth or leather -- those are two separate codes and your report will only have a number for your code, not the other) AND it will tell you how many 1993 GT convertibles came with a 5.0L engine (all of them did) and a 5-speed transmission AND it may (depends on which random options stat #5 is for) tell you how many 1993 GT convertibles came with a white convertible top. But what a deluxe report will NOT tell you is how many 1993 GT convertibles came with Royal Blue Clearcoat Metallic paint/Opal Grey interior combo AND a 5.0L/5-speed combo AND a white convertible top. For that you will need a custom stats report or an elite report, neither of which are available for 1993.
  11. It appears 1986 was the last year you could get an elite report for a mustang