40th Anniv Production # of my 40th

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by Crimson2v, May 17, 2009.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone has this info available. I have a Crimson Red 40th and was wondering what the production number out of the 4500 or so anniversary edition cars?
  2. Send me your VIN. Might take a little time to respond, I monitor this board about once a month.

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  3. VIN# 1FAFP42X54F156602. Eventually I will put one of those on, right now I am in the process of putting the stripes on and the badges, I removed all of them b/c I thought it would look better, that was an expensive mistake. I have some DD bullits that are being painted to match the original wheels, those will be ready soon. This is what it looked like after the stripe removal
  4. #4236/4558

    Built - 11/4/03
    Sold - 10/11/04
    4.6L V-8
    5 SPD MAN
    MACH 1000
  5. Wow that is nice to know, I was looking at the chart you posted with the break down of the options and it is one of 34 with the options that are on the car. Thank you.
  6. 3739632902_1f660408ab.jpg

    I just picked this one up a few weeks back... I'm looking for my production number... It has to be really low, possibly single digits... It was built on August 4, 2003, the first day of production... The VIN is 1FAFP40414F100438... (and it only has 15,000 miles on it...
  7. Wow, very good looking.

    Sent you a PM with the build data. Your car is #14, the earliest one I have looked up so far.

    Three cars were built on Friday 8/1/03, and then the plant went to full production on Monday 8/4/03. 47 cars were built on 8/4.
  8. Thanks for info... #14/4588?!?!?!? That is crazy... I searched for this car for 6 months... Thought I wanted a GT, then I found this one and couldn't pass it up...